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Nairobi West, Kenya


Una Furahia Kingereza au Swahilli??

"Do you prefer English or swahilli?" that's a phrase IM using quite often in service. We had such a good time passing out the memorial invites. :) our Congo took advantage of letter writing. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, we always talk to the guard. This time jah really blessed our efforts. A few people actually let us in to wk door to door ;)and those who wouldn't let us in agreed to hand out letters to the tenants if we left them with the envelopes!! A couple of times we got kicked out.

We had 150 at the memorial. We expected more but because it rained I think it prevented alot from coming. Most folks here really can't drive in rain!!

We arrived at the facility where it was held and there was no electricity so it was completely dark !!! Brothers scrambled to get the generator working. They managed to get a light on so that the brother giving the talk could see ;) so we all sat in the dark, it was an interesting experiance!! I managed to get in 2 pix of me n kyran so il post them on snapfish soon ;)

Last weekend there was a wedding shower for a sister in our hall. I didn't get to stay long because we had made plans with a family in our hall that same evening. But the shower turned out nice, I got to be in charge of games even though I wasn't there :)

The family took all the Pot's out bowling ;) I was surprised that the ally was nice, it reminded me of main event! After a game they invited us to dinner at this really good Indian restaurant. Ky had told me that you know it's good Indian if you smell like it after.. Let's just say it was good lol!! Gross I know
The family had said they took us out to welcome us girls in to the new congregation. So sweet!!!!

Other than that all else is good. Sorry been slacking on keeping up with this blog!!

My beautiful friends in Nanyuki still call often just to say they love n miss us! IM really missing my old hood!!! ;) I hope we can visit them soon.

Kyran and I are enjoying this month of April, because he starts working in may and I know he will be busy!!So just enjoying it while we can.

Ok I have another small story but i will put it in the next blog post so this won't be too long to read;)

We miss jelly ana jerry n amie!!! And all you friends!!!

Love Drea

permalink written by  africandre on April 5, 2010 from Nairobi West, Kenya
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we miss you toooooo xox

permalink written by  AmiePot on April 5, 2010

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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)


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