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The Giant Buddha

Leshan, China

I was able to leave my actual backpack in Chengdu as I explored the surrounding areas over the next couple of days. I just took everything I needed in my smaller daypack. First stop was Leshan, a small city just 2 hours south of Chengdu by bus. I walked from the bus to the port, from where a boat would, I hoped, take me to the Giant Buddha, carved into the cliff-face across the river. Unfortunately, all we got was a stop right in front of the Buddha for about 5 minutes. This turned out to be enough time for the boat owners to rip some more tourists off by charging them to take photos from a raised platfrom at one end of the boat. It was free just to take your own right next to this, but amazingly, most were happy to pay the extra.

The stop did allow plenty of photo time though, and the view was great, so that was enough for me. As we approached the port on the way back, a crazy old Chinese guy with a cowboy hat came up to me and shouted "En-gerrand!"
He wanted have his photo taken with me. Flattered, I struck a suitable pose, whilst he jumped excitedly next to me.

I then walked back to the bus station for the half hour bus to Mount Emei (EmeiShan in Chinese), and my accomodation for the night.

permalink written by  olliejohnson on August 21, 2006 from Leshan, China
from the travel blog: A man from Cockshutt.
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Lovin' the sort-of-beard look at the start of the blog- getting more ginger the older you get tho! Zoe of Briz x

permalink written by  Zoe Manley on August 23, 2006

On a similar note to Zoe of Briz, the frightening thing is that your facial hair resembles the shape of your fathers at the same age!

permalink written by  Old man of Cockshutt on August 24, 2006

Very funny blog Ollie, I keep checking for updates and yes you are going quite ginger!! Well it could be worse, you could be Welsh as well! Take Care and keep up the funny stories!

permalink written by  Erica on August 24, 2006

Ollie, being from Shrewsbury, is already Welsh. So despite being Ginger he can be proud of his thoroughly cultured Celtic heritage. Yes Cymru!

permalink written by  Le Murph on September 7, 2006

Absolute quality OJ.A career as a writer in Maxim beckons

permalink written by  Adam Shantry on September 17, 2006

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