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Kopavogur, Iceland

Last sunday we had a bunch of the team over and Maura and I made dinner. She made enchiladas which were bom and I made lasagna which turned out ok considering they have no ricotta cheese. Was alot of fun the girls liked it, then we went to one of our teammates fav spots for ice cream and got these blizard things. It was like icier ice cream and you add 3 toppings and they blend it. So I had choco sauce daim and oreos, it was really good, super chocolate. THe ice cream parlor was alot of fun sara and I kept trying to understand eachother and she was speaking english so it was very amusing.
We tied again 0-0 to another team we should have beat. I played pretty well had 2 1v1 saves one of which was very crucial and good. BUt still we really are needing to start scoring we can only hold teams off for so long. It was a really funny day cuz on our drive there maura and I were both kinda going crazy for no reason and when we got there couldn't stop laughing at everything. Was actually pretty fun to play that game like that.
The night before our game was kinda fun we had practice then had a team bbq in the stadium. I made bratwursts was very surprised that I found em.
I have found some really good cheese here its like a mix between cambert and cambozola cheese, super good!! I did a little combo of that cheese prosciutto and grapes really tasty. Oh I have forgot to mention that after every game home and away the home team provides food/dinner after the game for both teams. Kinda weird at first but I really like it, most teams just serve us pizza so its pretty good. ALthough their pizza is not as good as ours and there pepperonis are super small its still pretty good. Oh ya and their juice selection is pretty small they are obsessed with orange and apple juice and are very sparing on other juices. Oh they have the sweet chili pepper chips here that I am obsessed with as well they are super good and their doritos but I have never seen em in the states.
Its super cold and windy today which is kind of a bummer cuz we have it off and I was excited to do some things but instead I think well go do a big store venture. Oh ya went to IKEA yesterday was alot of fun found some cool kitchens that Id want. It reminded me of Sweden so I got some hot dogs too which were delicoius and super cheap. ALright off to the store bless

permalink written by  katieandboo on June 10, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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