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icelandic adventures

a travel blog by katieandboo

its a new season and now Im in Iceland!!
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day 1

Reykjavik, Iceland

today I arrived in Iceland for the start of a new season on a new team. After a 7hr flight I arrived in north Iceland because Reykjavik airport was closed. So then I had to take a 6hr bus ride to my town where I was met by one of the board members mikey. At around 6pm my new coach came and picked me up from my hotel (cuz my apt isn't ready for another week) and showed me where we plaay and where our club House is. After the tour we went to his House for dinner which was delicious and headed back to my place. I have met two of the girls so far both are very nice and can tell they are good, one goes to Northwestern in Boston and one was on the National team before she broker her leg in Jan. Tomorrow is a chill day just get a phone and go to training. That is all for now I am gonna try to sleep although it is so bright it looks like 5pm good night

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 10, 2010 from Reykjavik, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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game day

Kopavogur, Iceland

Alright so today was our first game and we WON 3-1. I actually started played pretty well wasn't challenged too much there goal was a 1v1 hit the back post and went in. But our team is very good and good of had 6 goals. Team is very technical great feet and good shots some opps. just weren't capitalized. Oh and our defensive position is cursed because in the first game two defenders had to come out cuz of injuries and the two center backs had previously tore ligaments in the winter.
Anyways so some other info the weather is prob think of tacoma in end of Feb early March time when it can be windy rainy and/or sunny in one day the temp is easily 45-47 F. Could see my breath at practice yesterday night but the nice thing is we have a hot tub in our locker room so we all piled in after a cold training! Our locker room is cool I guess were supposed to get a flat screen soon! Tomorrow well either go to the pool or the hot tub after prac. depending on if its sunny or rainy.
The hotel is pretty basic I just have my lil bed and a bathroom and tv, I get breakfast in the morning here. Its close to the fields but someone has to pick me up cuz its not that close and I don't have a bike. I move into my apt. on monday and hopefully get my car by then or sooner.
For my dad skies aren't that blue most of the time there is clouds, it is very good air though and really cold water. Oh and whoever says its super green here has never been, yes the grass is green but its so volcanic it looks more like eastern Washington (except the grass is green because they run hot water under some fields). Food is pretty much like any Scandinavic country they love there meat and cheese spreads with butter and bread. Although Iceland has a bigger variety like they have taco bell KFC and subway!
My teammates are all super niceee all of them are very good at english some youd think its their first language. Learning their names is tough but I am starting to get the hang of it. Two of them are on the National team and two were before they tore ACL and broke their leg. So very skilled girl.

Anyway think thats all for now if you have questions feel free to ask

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 13, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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Kopavogur, Iceland

So I am still in the gosh dang hotel and its driving me insane I just really want to cook and have a great big salad. Lots of my meals comprise of quick cheap things so microwave pizza or cup a noodles, not exactly the healthiest thing for an athlete but im coping. Were supposed to move out tomorrow and get our car in the morning. And yes WE, the other american has arrived and she is from penn state really nice chill.
Tomorrow we also have another game in Akueyri (sp) which is north Iceland. Team is really good and people think will take 2nd in the league but we shall see. Myself and some girls went in our hot tub after practice today was nice because my left quad has been bothering me. Had a killer keeper training the other day a circuit were none of us could really breath to say good job or keep going, just head nods ha.
Weather has been ok was really cold yesterday was 4 degrees so I think thats close to 44F. We watched the mens game after our practice and Hekla and I froze because we just had sweatshirts and wet hair.
Oh before I go I think I mention but I dont have my camera cord so no pics for probably a while sorry

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 17, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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a home

Kopavogur, Iceland

So we have finally moved into our apt. and it is awesome! We each have our own rooms and a nice size kitchen and living room with 3 couches and ones a pull out! So if anyone wants to come crash do it!
We lost the other day which sucks cuz we totally out shot the other team but they were better at finishing their opportunities. It was pretty cold and right next to the Field you could see the big mountains loaded with snow! So it was pretty chilly especially since it was at 7 at night. We ended up having to take the bus which was 5 hours but really just the longest most uncomfortable bus ride ever! We didn't get back to our House till 4am the next day. Oh ya and I got drug tested after the game, got picked by random lottery. Was easy since I peed fast but my teammate took 2hrs so the team went and had pizza while we waited for her.
Its ugly here now been raining all day but thankfully we have a car so were able to get our groceries and stay dry :) Not surprising im sure but I have already found a jacket I want. Oh ya and I have my address so if you want it just email me. ta ta for now

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 20, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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just like Inter

Kopavogur, Iceland

Ok so we didn't win 2-0 and dominate the whole time like inter but we did win. We played a team who is currently above us who people think will get 4th this season a strong side they got an early lame goal. Cluster in the box I couldn't see ball or player then the ball wizes past me far post. They are up all game then in the last 5 minutes we score a goal, and due to some injury time we go over the 90 min and 30sec into the extra time we score our second goal to win the game!!
We went over to one of the girls House around dinner time to celebrate her graduating so were just kind of hanging out eating and drinking then the girls brought up beer pong and I helped them set it up and all the proper rules and we played!! It was alot of fun the girls enjoyed it, after we headed to downtown which is soo cute I can't wait to see it in the day.
Had a hard practice this morning was pretty frustrating but some parts were fun. Tomorrow we have the day off so maybe the roomy and I will head to see something new and cool in Iceland.

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 23, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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9 years...over!

Kopavogur, Iceland

We won today 1-0 finally tackling a 9 year non winning streak on this Field. Apparently the club as a whole mens and womens haven't won in 9yrs on the Field we played on today, have had ties but no win till today!
Lets back up a little though, so we had a day off and Hekla took us to Rekyavik wher we wondered around just looking at shops and book stores. We then went to where the presidents House is which is outside of Kopavogur, super cool you could literally drive up his road and stop outside his House, I have proof! Oh saw where the most famous hot dog stand in Iceland I'm gonna have to get one soon. Other than that have been pretty chill we tried to get a library card but can't so one of our teammates is gonna help us get books. Ya dad thats right books!! Anddd I finished the book I brought already! Had a really good pre-game dinner last night made up some relaly tiny maceroni sauted up some zucchini mushroom shrimp and cherry tomato just enough so they pop in your mouth. of course with some seasonings and red pepper flakes served it over chilled pasta and lettuce with lemon juice veryy good!! Kev if you have any good ideas I should try making while im here let me know!
So back to the game was pretty exciting we didn't score till the last like 7min. They had a few chances but we got our first shutout of the season!!! I am soo very happy for that and can't tell ya how happy I get when we win (although I know no one will care in 20 yrs, still I like it). Well im pretty pooped so I should try to sleep although its still bright as heck and its after 10:30pm ha

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 26, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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Kopavogur, Iceland

Ok sorry it's been so long sometimes forget about this thing. We tied our most recent game 0-0, which is good but we had many opportunities. We had the day off today so I went to see the geyser and the gulfos waterfall today with my roomie and sam who is visiting. It was alot of fun we actually picked up a hitch hiker which made the experience way more fun. He was from Germany and was really nice he is just camping at the geyser for a few days. We all agreed the geyser was the most boring of the day but on our way to the waterfall there was a stampede of horses on the side of the road and on the road so that was fun we got out and took pics. And the waterfall was super cool something unlesss you were told was there from the road you would nevver know. We jumped one of the ropes and the 4 of us took pics right next to the waterfall so that was fun.
Oh forgot to mention a while ago Hekla took us to get icelandic ice cream, which was basically ice cream but from a specific farm so it was more special! She also took us up in a tower in the hospital so we got to go on the roof because her dad works for the security team.
Saw the mens cup game last night they lost in pks our keeper made 1 save and they missed one but then the other teams keeper who is actually the national team keeper made 3 pk saves back to back, was really cool to see. Think thats all for now I will be posting pics maybe tomorrow.

permalink written by  katieandboo on June 4, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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catch up

Kopavogur, Iceland

Last sunday we had a bunch of the team over and Maura and I made dinner. She made enchiladas which were bom and I made lasagna which turned out ok considering they have no ricotta cheese. Was alot of fun the girls liked it, then we went to one of our teammates fav spots for ice cream and got these blizard things. It was like icier ice cream and you add 3 toppings and they blend it. So I had choco sauce daim and oreos, it was really good, super chocolate. THe ice cream parlor was alot of fun sara and I kept trying to understand eachother and she was speaking english so it was very amusing.
We tied again 0-0 to another team we should have beat. I played pretty well had 2 1v1 saves one of which was very crucial and good. BUt still we really are needing to start scoring we can only hold teams off for so long. It was a really funny day cuz on our drive there maura and I were both kinda going crazy for no reason and when we got there couldn't stop laughing at everything. Was actually pretty fun to play that game like that.
The night before our game was kinda fun we had practice then had a team bbq in the stadium. I made bratwursts was very surprised that I found em.
I have found some really good cheese here its like a mix between cambert and cambozola cheese, super good!! I did a little combo of that cheese prosciutto and grapes really tasty. Oh I have forgot to mention that after every game home and away the home team provides food/dinner after the game for both teams. Kinda weird at first but I really like it, most teams just serve us pizza so its pretty good. ALthough their pizza is not as good as ours and there pepperonis are super small its still pretty good. Oh ya and their juice selection is pretty small they are obsessed with orange and apple juice and are very sparing on other juices. Oh they have the sweet chili pepper chips here that I am obsessed with as well they are super good and their doritos but I have never seen em in the states.
Its super cold and windy today which is kind of a bummer cuz we have it off and I was excited to do some things but instead I think well go do a big store venture. Oh ya went to IKEA yesterday was alot of fun found some cool kitchens that Id want. It reminded me of Sweden so I got some hot dogs too which were delicoius and super cheap. ALright off to the store bless

permalink written by  katieandboo on June 10, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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blue lagoon

Kopavogur, Iceland

So the past couple of days have been pretty ugly off and on. One days horrible winds rain and super cold and the next some slight sun not too bad. We had practice on sunday moved to the morning so that the whole team could go to the blue lagoon after for the day. It was alot of fun the water is pretty warm but as you walk you can find some warmer and colder spots. And of course we all put on the masks so that we can have great skin. There is one part in the lagoon where you can still walk on the mud mask stuff so it feels really goopy. But for the most part they have removed all the goop from the bottom and put it in buckets on the side. After a few hours we got some ice cream and headed home.
Other than that its been pretty low key yesterdays practice was super cold really felt like late fall my cheeks were so cold (Oh and after prac a few of us went and got pad thai and watched the italy game). We have a game today so im hoping it isn't that windy and cold, but its not looking too promising. Oh forgot to mention we went to a local sports bar to watch the USA england game that was fun although the whole bar was rooting for england. Ok well I gotta go get fingerprinted now so more updates later.

permalink written by  katieandboo on June 15, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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national day

Kopavogur, Iceland

This posted late

First we won our game the other day 3-1. secondly it was National day on the 17th so on the 16th after practice we all got together at a teammates House to start the festivities. I should inform you that when we play 4v2 which is like keep away there are fines if you get megged or are in the middle for too long. There are also fines if you are late and get cards in games. So anyway those fines go to entertainment for parties. and one of the girls on our team is a chemist so she brought 96% ethanol to use in a punch. Lets just say the night was crazy. After being at the bars for about 10min we have to go to the ER because one of my friends got her finger slammed in a door and it looked chopped. Then while were there my other friend is throwing up all over the lobby floor. Finally we meet back up with the rest of the team and have some fun at the bars before one almost gets in a fight! Finally we start to head home but then the car breaks down so we have people trying to tow us down the street (like drunk passer byers trying to pull the car) But finally this nice guy towed us far enough and the car started and we got home around 6am. ahhh what a good night.
We have this whole weekend off so today we went and watched our teammate -who plays on the national team- play against Ireland. They won 2-0 and sara scored! Tomorrow I think im gonna search for some new cleats. To all the fathers happy early fathers day hope its a good one. Especially my pops I love ya happy fathers day Fred!

permalink written by  katieandboo on June 19, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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