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Being Flexible...

Teramo, Italy

So when serving in a foreign land one thing that I knew I would have to be in flexible. My plans have changed so many times even to current day. My roommate needed to go to Switzerland at the last minute the week of my arrival so she made arrangements for me to stay with another family with the help of a brother. I thought she would put me with a family in my city pescara but it ended up being a different family so km away in Teramo. The family is the Barbieri. A very nice family with a beautiful home that overlooks the hills and mountains. They have two sons Allan and Ruben and they all serve in the spanish group and speak spanish and french as well. The sons know some english so that helped out a lot too since this would be my first time speaking the language in a long time.

Italian breakfast are light and just only consists of toast, jam or the infamous nutella and fruit. Sister Barbieri made this honey type spread that was so good and I ate that every morning. One thing that i noticed was that they are particular with only eating healthy natural foods. Many times they mentioned that they dont eat this or that brand because they put chemicals in it. This was said by many italians. So rest assure you know I'm eating more healthier here in Italy then back at home. But I did pack me some koolaid...comfort food I call it ! =)

My stay with this family was only for the first two days. During this time I was able to go out in service with the father Hansel who is quite funny. There is this outdoor market in Roseto degli abruzzi where they preach and find alot of spanish speaking people and english. The witnesses ssetup a stand there as well so I met some new people. It was nice form of witnessing esp since it was right by the beach. Bro Barbieri was explaining that the people in the south are more receptible than people of north like milan where they have money. I explained its kinda like out valley ranch terriory in tx.

All the foods i ate were great. I went on "la moto" ask italian motor bike one day and went through all the hills and valleys and different places and we even went to a bird park. I will upload pictures soon. You have to see my new love" Gaetano (guy-tah-no). This beautifull pelican I guess is what he is. But he was intimidated by me at first but at the end he allowed me to get closer to him. I got to feed Mario a little deer and the ducks and peacocks. FUN!

This region is pretty picturesque! Just like it was right out of a book or movie. Scenary is nothing but hills, sea, mountains...it never gets old to look at.

One funny comment that I will end with is my experience of being an "alien resident" here in abruzzo which is the name of the region of italy where i am in. They took me to a street market that surprisely only last for the morning time up until lunch where everything shuts down. The brother asked me "do you notice that people stare and talk about you when you pass them"? Do you understand what they are saying? I told him no which is true because with side conversations I have to really be listening or else I don't pick it up. He said that "we just passed by a man on the telephone with his friend I guess. Then suddenly he says to his friend, ' OMG there is this tall dark italian girl walking around here right now!" lol Sister Barbieri said that I am "an unusual sight to see here in abruzzo..there are not people here that look like you...tall dark skin of color and so many people like to look at you because you are pretty."

Which is true because I have not seen not one black girl yet only very few black men. So i'm definitely an alien where everyone will quickly know who I am since I'm constantly being watched. Oh and still getting the Naomi Campbell comments "Umm no Im sorry I'm not Naomi Campbell!" lol

Well italian assembly this morning and going to a new family: My friends Simona and Simone! Sorry for not spell checking but I gotta go! Pix soon! Ciao Ciao!

permalink written by  ItalianaCinzia on July 2, 2010 from Teramo, Italy
from the travel blog: Serving in Italy 2010
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