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International Convention Reunion

Pedaso, Italy

Well today I left my 3rd family in teramo and met my friend Simona on Pedaso who I will be staying with and going to the assembly in roseto degli abruzzi. It was so good to see her and she was even more beautiful than when I first met her. She has incredible blue/turquoise eyes. She actually does speak some english which I didn’t know since I only write to her in italiano. Lydia in miami if you are reading this blog, Simona and Simone sends you their greetings! She told me that she keeps in touch with a sister in miami italian congregation. I knew it had to be you! Lol

But this assembly is right on the beach. For those of you who have been to miami, just imagine parking on ocean drive and walking to the assembly on Collins. This hall is half indoors and outdoors. Those who are sick and elderly who cannot stand the heat sits in the inside and the speakers gave the discourses on the stage outside. It was like one big garden their. One of my friends francesca was the one of the first people who greeted me when I walked in. She is getting married next year and she introduced me to her fiance. There were a lot of people who came up to me who remembered me from the international convention. I didn’t know I met so many people in this region of italy.
We found seats in the front row. This was my first time ever sitting that close to the front. But I actually liked it. One other observation is that when the music starts the italians all make their way to the sisters like the branch instructs us to. They don't have the mentality like me where I think "ok music just started...lets see how many friends I can talk to in 5 minutes."

After going to the restroom, the elder who I will be staying with in Amandola (mountain area) found me and said hi. I met him and his wife at the international convention. One day last fall while going through all my little gifts I found their bookmark. I saw that they didn’t leave an email address so I decided to write them a letter. Well to make a long story short, they emailed me back and we ketp in touch. When I later found out that my letter was approved they said that they wanted me to stay with them for one week before going to serve in pescara and so I agreed. Some things came up in their schedule so I will only be with them after the Sunday assembly until Wednesday evening which is why I needed to stay with Simona because I couldn’t stay with this elder and his wife the first week of arrival like we origInally planned.

I didn’t really understand a whole lot of the assembly because italians talk realy fast but I could follow along in my italian bible and song book. I could understand when a scripture was being stated and find it. One thing that I did find out was that the name Giacomo is James in english. It took me a minute to figure out what book in the bible was Giacomo. Simona didn’t know either. Ahaha

After the assembly was over, we went to Simona’s mother in laws house which is where I will be sleeping since Simona’s place is so small. Their names are Elio and Luciana aka my FAVORITE “MAMMA MIA”! I love this woman to death. She is so funny! We were all in the car together and this entire family is pretty funny! They speak little english in general but I can understand italian jokes. But I had my own little room with my own bathroom in the lower level that is separate from the main house. They really made me feel at home. And my mamma mia took me in like I was one of her own. Whenver I want to go somewhere she always says “mamma goes with you”. Lol My italian has improved from what the friends say and that I speak really good correct italian…even though I feel like I am struggling.

Tonight she made spaghetti…the one thing that I can never get tired of. One thing that they told me is that they don’t like other peoples spaghetti ( americans, etc) because in italy spaghetti is very simple…no spices, onions, bell peppers or anything. Just pasta, fresh pomodoro sauce aka tomato sauce and maybe a little salt and that is it. The other interesting thing they said is that americans overcook their pasta. It shouldn’t be soft but a little harder but still cooked. I could tell the difference compared to the way I make my pasta. It was still really good and not obviously hard or anything. Well still got two more days of the assembly. I will surely take lots of pictures!

permalink written by  ItalianaCinzia on July 2, 2010 from Pedaso, Italy
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