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Final days in Amandola and now finally coming “home”…

Amandola, Italy

Well today is my last day in Amandola with the Tamagnini! I love it here! So the sister who had the seizure will be leaving the hospital tomorrow I believe. They said that she is doing better but now on more medicine than before. As far as her head/brain from what I understand its not very good. I guess the health condition of her brain is not good and that’s why she stayed at the hospital to be monitored. They said that she sent me many greetings and hopes to spend more time again another time. They said that she doesn’t remember anything as far as the accident goes but the last thing she remembers was the moments before the seizure.

Yesterday Tuesday we went to a national park in Amandola. It was really nice and “fresco” or cool there next to the river. The river was really cold but so fresh that you can drink because it comes from the mountains. We went with the family who originally made that dinner the night of the seizure. It was really nice and we took a whole bunch of pictures together. One of the brothers found these baby strawberries. He ate it but I was too afraid to do so. Italians here eat all sorts of berries they find in the bushes. With me since in Texas a lot of berries could be bad to eat I just felt funny eating them.

Afterwards we had some gelato that was really good! I prefer fruit gelato instead of the crema because crema taste like our ice cream but of course better with more flavors. So we sat and talked for awhile at the gelateria. And they drank coffee and of course I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like the taste of coffee in general. I prefer hot chocolate or tea. So afterwards we came home a rest a little bit and had dinner.

Afterwards we met a family for gelato. The Tamagnini knows I LOVEEE babies and kids and this family has 3. I met the father at the assembly but now I’m meeting the whole family! So this family has a 8, 6 and a year and half-Genevra! She is a cute little chunky monkey! =) Very active and looks just like her dad. The other two kids were real cute too.
So today I woke up a little earlier to prepare my bags since we will be heading out to Montesilvano around 3 or 4pm. It’s about a 2 hour drive to that city. This elder and his wife were very sweet to drive me all the way to Montesilvano from the mountains. That was there original offer that they extended to me from the start.

For lunch they other family that we went into the mountains with came and joined up. They bought me a going away present which was a nice picture frame made out of pretty material. Also they bought italian pastries from the pasticerria nearby and they were so good!

So now I’m about to finally head to my city finally…there is a congregation party at Roberta’s (roommate) parent's house and so I will get to meet plenty of more brothers and sisters. I just can’t wait to see her because we talk all the time and to actually see each other again will be great! Gotta go Ciaoooo!

permalink written by  ItalianaCinzia on July 7, 2010 from Amandola, Italy
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