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Reunited at last... =)

Montesilvano, Italy

So after a nice long scenic drive from Amandola to Pescara we reached the spot where I am to meet Roberta! Then I hear a beep beep! There is Roberta in her red mini cooper all smiles. And she jumps out of the car and we give each other a loonng hug! Finally! We are like sisters except that she is tall, blonde and Italian and im tall black and American. Thank goodness I got a lot of practice with the previous families in speaking Italian since she doesn’t speak any English. So I was a little bit more comfortable and prepared. So we excitedly talked for awhile with the Tamagnini and then we went into her mini cooper and excitedly drove to her apartment.

When we got to her apartment, I LOVED IT! It was decorated so nice…the colors and everything. She loves Africa and been there two in like a year to Kenya! So there is a lot of reds, oranges and blacks. One time when we webcam she web cam the room and she was apologizing because the room was smaller than hers. I thought it was a good size for one person…I don’t need a whole lot of space even though I did bring 4 luggage to Italy…LOL. But I told her that I loved it especially the curtains because they were purple and purple is my favorite color. Tell me why when I entered the room….the room was painted purple! I was a lime green color before and the she painted it purple! And I don’t remember seeing these huge new storage cabinets for my clothes. So I think she bought those too. How sweet!

Well when I got there didn’t have much time to settle in because down stairs begins the congregation get together. There I got to meet her family…her TALL family shall I add, so I fit right in and friends, from the congregation. They were all really nice and welcoming. Her mother looks so young, you couldn’t even tell that she had 3 kids…there must be something in the water here…or wine! =) Her older sister Romina is really tall and pretty with full lips and her kids all have those full lips too! Ahsia which is Asia in Italian but pronounced “ah-zee-uh”. She looks Cuban or something to me. And there is little Cristel who doesn’t like me. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she screamed and cried bloody murder! It was kinda funny…I guess she is only use to seeing tall Italian giants and not a jolly black giant! She is way too cute to not like me and I will have to work on this one.

So I continued to meet different ones and socialized. Then by surprise my friends Claudia and Andrea came from Teramo to the gathering and brought my other two luggages! I stayed with Claudia for a few days and when I went to Pedaso and Amandola I didn’t want to take my big luggage but only took what I needed for a week. I told them that I would take the bus and picked them up and instead they brought them to me. They said “no more buses for Cindy”! Because I took so many on arriving here and then to pick up my luggage to the airport. The bus I was taking was like a Coach bus like greyhound. Claudia and Andrea both serve in the Spanish congregation. Andrea has a “moto” and it was his moto I got to ride in.

After eating and socializing I was getting tired and wanted to go back to the house and go to bed. Claudia and Andrea brought my luggage upstairs. We all sat and talked for awhile and then someone walks through the door and who is it but my sweet friend Ylenia, from the international convention! She dropped by after her meeting since she knew I finally came in town. So we all started screaming and hugging! Another nice happy reunion! So we talked and took pictures and finally I went to bed.

permalink written by  ItalianaCinzia on July 8, 2010 from Montesilvano, Italy
from the travel blog: Serving in Italy 2010
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Ciao amici! (Hello Friends)

This is my blog where I will update experiences and photos from my 3 month stay while serving where the need is greater in Pescara Italy!

In case you guys were wondering "Cinzia" is my name in italian...pronounced chin-see-ah. =p

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