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Day 4

Fes, Morocco

Jallil, Samir's brother, picked me up around 8:00. We first went to the house and then Jallil took me around the medina. Of course, he spoke no English or French so communication was difficult. Also, those buildings which the guidebook said were spectacular were all closed for renovation, including the Bou Inania.

We returned to the house for lunch, being in part a cock purchased in Azrou. Then I went with Heidi and Samir's sister Leila to the hammam. Afterward, Samir's younger brother and his friend (who spoke good French) showed me some other parts of the city -- the palace and the mellach. At some point we also went back to the uncle's house and looked at the carpets Samir had bought during his stay.

Dinner was steamed meat, again at Samir's -- by now I felt like a regular part of the family.

While I found the Median interesting enough, with mules pushing their way through the streets, cats running each and every way, and beautiful water fountains at each turm, I must admit that it lacked a certain exotic feel such as that in Kashmir. And for all Jallil's help, I did wish I had an English-speaking guide to explain things to me. However, this was more than made up for by the hospitality offered to me by Samir's family. Their home was a comfortable resting place in the middle of busy days.

I was also glad for the opportunity to go to the hammam with Heidi and Leila. It certainly was a fascinating experience -- women of all shapes anad sizes grabbing buckets of both hot and cold water to make the perfect temperature. The heat was almost refreshing -- like feeling my skin breath. Going from the hot rooms to the colder ones, or bathing in the cold water, was wonderful -- again, a great respite.

After dinner, Samir took me to a friend's shop. His friend, Hassan, was really cute. And I could not help but buy -- at prices much too expensive. I bought a camel hair blanket and some exquisite fabric which I will never use. But I also saw the shoemakers, so I believe that I bought good quality stuff, the fabric in particular. (NOTE: I'm writing this 16-1/2 years later and I *still* haven't used that fabric -- but I do have it) Again, I returned to the hotel fully satisfied, if not a bit poorer.

permalink written by  shoshtrvls on May 22, 1991 from Fes, Morocco
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