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Day 5

Fes, Morocco

The next day Samir picked me up and I learned it was some sort of holiday, so changing money was done in the Hotel Fez -- very nice. Then to the train station to purchase a ticket -- Samir talked me into buying one for the 1 a.m. train.

Anyway, after taking care of business, we again went to the Medina so I could use up my film as Samir and Heidi wanted to borrow it in the afternoon to take pictures of carpets. This time I took photos of the markets, mules, picturesque squares made for tourists, even the mosque.

Again back to Samir's for lunch -- hamburger meat rolled into little finers and eaten with the ubiquitous (and delicious) break. Afterward, a nap and Samir took me to a little resort area (Ein Chekaff?) where Jallil, Hassan, Samir and I sat in the shade drinking and smoking hash. We also stopped at the Kasbah, stuffed with people shopping, and I saw the Palais Jamai and visited a leather shop.

Then we met up with Heidi and the rest at the museum, and finally Tareq (their son) took a liking to me. Afterwards, a cafe at a nearby hotel.

We then dropped Heidi off and drove around a bit before stopping at a cafe near the gate. Dinner was brochettes and a talk with an Aussie girl. Jallil then took me back to say good-bye to the family. We drove to the fort. After we were supposed to see belly dancing but missed it. Finally to the train station where Samir asked me for $300 dh. It somewhat spoiled the last three days and I told him I didn't have it (which was true). Besides, I had paid more than my share for various drinks and coffee, dinner the evening before, as well as $100 dh I had given him the day before (which was probably spent on Hash) as well as a roll of film. I didn't feel bad, although Jallil and the younger one who actually did all the work probably saw none of it.

permalink written by  shoshtrvls on May 23, 1991 from Fes, Morocco
from the travel blog: Morocco (1991)
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