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I Am Not A Robot

Stockholm, Sweden

Ok. I've never done a blog before, so forgive me if this isn't perfect.

Our class trip began on the 2nd day of school, when our advisory teacher announced that we were to be going on a four day excursion to the island of Gotland.

My first thought: a sarcastic 'Yippee.'

My second thought: 'Wait, WHEN is this happening???'

Apparently, we were going to be 'bonding' very soon indeed. We departed via bus one week later with some tearful good-byes from parents and kids alike and others that were non-existent (aka, mine.)

The one hour bus ride to the ferry was completely uneventful, which is a code for OUT-OF-YOUR-MIND-BORING!!!!

I don't want to be a downer about this trip, but someone has to, right??? It's no fun if everyone is all cheery happy all the time and never says their true feelings! We must have diversity!

Alright, I'll skip the ferry trip with only a mere comment about how all the girls were so disappointed that there wasn't a cosmetic shop on our hotel-plus-a-car-garage-sized ship.

Once we landed on the island (if my teachers are reading this, which they are, I learned something in the first 10 minutes!) we were then herded onto TWO buses (i know, they're really changing our whole perspective on originality!) and then another hour of 'bump, gravel crunch, bump, bump, stop sign. (does Gotland even HAVE stop lights?? i didn't SEE any…)

So anyway, when we finally did arrive at our camping/cabin places sort of thing, i was SUPER lucky and got paired with (some of) my friends.

The next 2 hours were devoted to unpacking and eating dinner, but afterwards my friends and i were walking to our cabin and we had to pass the football pitch to do so, but we had forgotten that a few boys were playing at the moment and when one friend said to me "you know what, i have that Marina and the Diamonds song stuck in my head' i didn't hesitate to join her is screaming out the lyrics at the top of my voice like i normally would have.

So when we finished the last 'I AM NOT A RO-BOT" and rounded the final bend, we were greeted by twelve 7th grade boys with their mouths slightly open and their eyebrows WAY up their forehead.

Until next time, which, by the way, will probably be tomorrow!

permalink written by  sunflower9 on September 10, 2010 from Stockholm, Sweden
from the travel blog: 7th Grade Gotland
tagged IAmNotARobot

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