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Massive Bikes and Too Many Birds

Stockholm, Sweden

Well. I know this isn't days ago, and I'm sorry, but I DID have other homework assignments to do (by the same teacher who is grading this, might I add!) (um... no, thats really only an excuse because I just couldn't seem to find a good way to START this entry. I know, i am pathetic.)

Then, where in the world was this blog GOING???? Oh yeah. I remember.

Day 2.
(all in all, Torture.)

After breakfast we went back to our cabins to grab jackets and brush our teeth before we got fitted with our bikes.

Let me just tell you now, they were huge. And red.

I'm pretty average (height-wise) for a 7th grader, but I had to run and jump to get on my bike and even then it was a fifty-fifty chance of staying on. The seat was so high that when i stood up on the ground, the seat would be about even with the base of my spine! At least they HAD small bikes (for this was what mine was called) because last year they were all taken and the 7th graders had to ride on a big bike which are a good 2 inches taller than the small ones.

I walked up to my test bike smiling, 'cause I was thinking that it was a joke and they were going to wheel up one my sized. I couldn't believe it when i figured out that I was actually supposed to RIDE that! I didn't understand that I could be asked to maneuver something so massive for so long! Then we got going. The trip was around 35 minutes long and rather painful at that. Lets just say a lot of stopping and starting is not ALWAYS a good combinationā€¦

But once we got there it was actually enjoyable! We went to a teeny, tiny, little museum about the nature of Gotland and how it is so amazingly fabulous they have to have a boring museum to explain it. Everyone was REALLY bored with it until they found the guest book and started writing comments (some were nice, others, not so niceā€¦) I liked the museum, well, only after I found a seat and started to write. You see, I write. About everything. THAT is what's getting me through this assignment.

But anyway, after the tiny museum we rotated with the other classes and were sent to the Bird Museum. (I don't think that's actually what it was called, I just wasn't paying attention.) Once we walked in, though, I realized that I (and the rest of 7c) had underestimated this. When I looked around, I could tell that almost all of my classmates were as spellbound as I was, but maybe more, cause I was still in email-writing mode. But I could comprehend enough to tell that I was looking at some AWESOME pieces of work. It was all by the same artist and let me tell you, he was GIFTED. The one downer was that all he painted and sketched were birds.

I love birds (they're really cool to write about) especially owls, but I can only take so MUCH of them! So after a while I sat down on a (surprisingly comfortable) white couch with white pillows and opened up my thought sketchbook.

Its pink.

I know.

Annnnyy-way, 2 minutes after I opened up my book, we had to go. 2 MINUTES!!! That is NOT enough time for me to record a WHOLE DAY! This ENTRY has taken 2 HOURS!! (with breaks, of course. Whats a chocolate lover to do when she's in the middle of a mind blank??? That's right, eat chocolate.)

So after that we went to a HIGHLY disappointing marine museum, we biked back to our old-person retirement vacation place and went on with our day. Lunch. Then lessons. And lessons. And dinner. And I think a campfire. I can't remember.

But anyway, I suspect I will write again tomorrow. No matter that this project is due tomorrow and I still have 2 more entries to go and that I can't get my pictures to load thus producing a bad grade and an unhappy reader.


permalink written by  sunflower9 on September 12, 2010 from Stockholm, Sweden
from the travel blog: 7th Grade Gotland
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