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The Great Barrier Reef

Cairns, Australia

Our first day trip out of Cairns was to one of the seven wonders of the natural world- the Great Barrier Reef. We jumped aboard Supercat for a snorkelling, diving and eating extravaganza. We bumped into two friends on the boat, Arfon the cuddly Welshman and Jake the tree surgeon (who once accidentally massacred an entire family of possoms with his chainsaw). We spent the day lounging on the deck, the tanning process occasionally interrupted by marine based activities. Amongst the beautiful corals we came across cuttlefish, nemo and many other creatures of the deep. It became interactive as we prodded a giant clam and fondled a sea cucumber. Unfortunately for Tay whose one desire was to see a turtle when diving, she guzzled up all her air and had to surface earlier than the rest, missing her chance to meet and feed Georgina the turtle. She would like to point out to readers that she doesn't actually care about this, she's not bitter and she's heard turtles are boring and stupid anyway. So there. Heah. We spent much of the day trying not to kick the coral as we snorkelled inches above it.

Back to reality and we returned to working in various venues around Cairns. Not all as mundane as it seems as Murph had the privilege of serving the Australian prime minister his dinner and listening to a riveting speech on agriculture. In addition we also worked at the beautiful, exotic Thala Beach Resort where Natalie Imbruglia was married. On a less showbiz note, with each new venue comes a new hideous outfit, see photo for one example of a Pat Butcher-esque blouse stylee number. Oh how we yearn for the days of Tylney Hall's tasteful green and gold waistcoats. Other than work, pretty much every rare day off is spent barbequing and drinking goon around Jeff/ Yordy the Dutchboy's Combi.

permalink written by  Murph, Tay, Colly and Erin on October 1, 2006 from Cairns, Australia
from the travel blog: The Smug Adventures Down Under
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O M G!

permalink written by  R James Russell on October 3, 2006

sounds like youre all wokring hard...loving the pat butchers get ups!
hope youre not all wokring too hard tho and are still seeing lots of sights...altho having said that your resumes are all looking quite impressive! exotic catering and prime minsters n' all!!!
anyway keep enjoying urselves! look forward to another post soon!
email me when u get time helsy!
weasel out

permalink written by  Weasel on October 4, 2006

Without question the worst outfits I've ever seen. I'm...rethinking a few things.

Nice to finally have something to read, tut tut.

Islington is grand, we're pretty lazy. Carl, Matt and I worked zero hours last week, Burt worked...95.

Oh, the life of leisure sure is the one for me.

Robbi x

permalink written by  Roberto Rausa on October 7, 2006

Happy birthday to Erin from the Murphys. Hope you are all having a good day - keep blogging and sending those great photographs. Safe travels,
mummy and daddy Murphy

permalink written by  tony murphy on October 7, 2006

Ah ha ha ha ha you all look minging you big green lesbians!!
And Helen, you look so fat in that sky diving outfit. HA HA HA HA HA HA .... mingers.
Oh, wait a minute, not feeling so smug now. There you all are, sky diving on the other side of the world, making friends with Georgina, looking HOT in bikinis, and where am I?
Oh thats right, sat in my classroom in East London, where its cold and raining, with my big fat un-tanned arse, writing detention reports for the little shit bags that I am attempting to control, not teach, just control.
Hmmmm, Smug Adventures indeed.
Love to you all. Keep blogging my princesses.
Katy D

permalink written by  Katy D on October 10, 2006

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