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Jodhpur, the Blue Town

Jodhpur, India

Hello to all of you!!

After starting our trip in India with Mumbai, we took a train to go to Rajasthan, which is a region north of India... The train to get there, was very ... how to say... interesting...!! Actually looking like a real moving prison...!! Not very comfy, but hey!! that's travellling!

So we sat in the train, and after some time, our "seat neighbours for the night" arrived: a lady, her husband, her brother and their servant.
They started chatting with us and asking questions, and we ended up sharing some food with them... which was very nice.
When we had to leave the train at our stop (after the night), the brother gave me a little book full of love sentences!!! He knew that Ola was my boyfriend but it seems like it doesn't matter so much there!!
Anyway, it was funny!! And I have his phone numbers in case !!!

So we arrived in a town called Jodhpur, which is a pretty old and big town... the streets are very hectic there, with loads of traffic...

On the first day, we only walked in town, to see all the famous blue houses. Basically, Jodhpur is called the Blue town because a lot of the houses in the old part are peinted in blue, which is said to protect from the mosquitoes. I don't know if it really works but it gives to the all town a very colorful and amazing atmosphere.

One thing which is funny, is that we, as westerners, are kind of superstars for kids in the streets. They all come to us and want to know our names and our country and they shake our hands.... it is very cute and funny! They also love to have their picture taken!!

Of course, and sadly, a few of them want pens or money... but they are all very nice and cute...

On our second day, we went to visit the fort of Jodhpur which is very famous and sits on a hill overlooking the whole town. It is an absolutely beautiful fort. We had an audio tour (you have o take it!) which explains everything about the fort and the region as well.
The old stones are beautiful, the carvings of the walls and the windows and doors are event more fine and impressive...

The fort also holds a museum with items from the Maharaja... like old weapons, carriages, jewelleries... it was very interesting...

On our way back to town, we visited a small kind of temple made of marble which is a burial site for the former Maharajas. Extremely beautiful as well!!

Apart from that, there was a market and very busy streets in the town... but nothing special!! It is just extremely intense all the time, and we love everything so far...

Next episode soon!!

Love you all!!!

Agnes and Ola

permalink written by  agnesola on February 27, 2008 from Jodhpur, India
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