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Hertford, United Kingdom

And as explorers we set forth into the Wilderness: Joe, armed with his rectangular gadget of magic and wonder, and me, clad in my husky hat and with pockets filled with essential necessities for a night in the wild (cellphone, wallet, camera and torch).

Sacrificing a night of leisure and films, we were determined. Failure was not an option.

It was a bitterly cold and cruel night, the wind howled and the trees towered menacingly overhead, but fearlessly we toiled on!

And, on the wondrous gadget, our red dot slowly crept closer to the blue dot - the treasure trove! Victory awaited, we could feel it as surely as we could the icy cold. And as we rounded the final corner, excitement raced through us. Our blood pumped and adrenaline raced, and we knew, yes, we knew that this was what we were born to do. This, this seemingly insignificant event, it would determine the fate of mankind.

'1 metre', the gadget said. We took that final step and came to a standstill.

Three trees. One ditch. One torch. One prize.

The treasure was so close, so very close. Just beyond our grasp. Just out of eyesight. Just a few too many bugs.

Our hearts sank.

How could this be? To come all this way and return as failures? Never!

I held the torch. Joe dug. I took photos. Joe rooted around the foliage. I made up excuses to deter passers by ('What time did she say she'd meet us?'). Joe scrounged through the patches of litter. I gave helpful advice. Joe uprooted twigs. I pointed at likely spots. Joe checked the likely spots.

Our team effort was golden!

Finally!! A grin spread across Joe's lips. His hand raised triumphantly. At last, the treasure was ours!

Proudly we added our names to the list of brave explorers. Proudly we returned the cache to its hiding spot. Proudly we hoisted our pants up and headed for the road. Proudly we bumped fists.

And so concluded our Geo-caching adventure (proudly).


permalink written by  Brigid Jelsma on February 1, 2011 from Hertford, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Walk a little further to another plan
tagged Hertford

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