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No sleep, planes and español

Santiago, Chile

Ok, I just wrote a WHOLE blog and due to this strange spanish keyboard, ive managed to delete it all. and i have no idea how.

So, again.....i have arrived safe and sound, felt pretty sick after the flights, but had a snooze and felt well enough to explore a couple of blocks of Santiago. Very cool city.

Discovered a number of things,
1. I can read spanish, but the moment someone speaks to me, its all over.
2. Beer here is usually served in longnecks. Admirable, kim, youd feel right at home.
3. Just because you can sleep through any uni lecture, does not mean you can sleep on a plane. At all.
4. People from Hawkes Bay (yes pub people, that hawkes bay in NZ) are very strange, have sheep and go on spiritual quests in brasil. And like to sit next to Sarah for 12 hour flights.
5. Im missing everyone already, cant crack out the photos as im far too mushy.
6. Tom, spray on shampoo was the best thing ive brought on this trip so far. love it.

Anyways, must go and get on my next plane, will be in argentina by lunchtime and catch up with john, which Im really really looking forward to.

Love you all! Sarah

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on November 19, 2006 from Santiago, Chile
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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Hi Sarah and Johnno,

My reply to 'No sleep, planes and espanol'. So-o-o sad eh? Just wait until you have kids - talk about no sleep. Your dad was the like the devil incarnate when it came to sleeping as a new baby. I had bags on my bags under my eyes. Glad he grew out of it at 3 months though. Anyway I won't put it on him. He made up for it in other ways. He became such a gorgeous little fat fart. Little Nana Conlan (LNC) for short says she wishes you both luck and hope you enjoy your travelling. Have fun you two and look forward to seeing you both.

Love you heaps.

permalink written by  Iris Hunter-Conlan on November 19, 2006

Hi Sarah,

Glad you are on the way ...
We are thinking of you and Johnno ... We will miss you at Christmas. Corrine will be nearly 3 when you get back.

Love Carolynne, Brett & Princess

permalink written by  Carolynne Roberts on November 20, 2006

Mum wants me to type this for her.

You will get used to sleeping on planes.
You and Johnny have a great holiday.

It could be handy to learn Spanish - you can use it a lot in Europe too.

Lots of love Nana

permalink written by  Carolynne Roberts (for Nana) on November 20, 2006

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