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Berlin - need to go back again

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is huge n there's soooo much to see. ended up staying in d city 1 more night than we expected but still couldnt finish seeing what was offered.

we went to soooo many places... where do i start... hmm...

Tiergarten was d 1st place we went to. it is a huge garden with a huge memorial in d middle of d park.

it's a pretty nice garden to juz sit around and have a pinic. we see some ppl playing frisbee as well. there was a big kid carnival there when we went so there were loads of families.

we walked thru d Tiergarten n head to Brandenburg Tor. we went there twice, once when there's still daylight, then we passed by it again around night fall. it looks really grand n magnificent when d lights come on.

the Holocaust War Memorial is really big. it has a gloomy n depressing feel especially during d evening when we were there. d shadows played a huge part in how it looks. walking thru d blocks, i cant help but feel solemn n low.

we went to yet another depressing place, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

it was HUUUUUGE this is actually not d real camp where d Jews were housed but build according to d exact model of d actual camp. there were jail cells, torture area, etc. there's also a number of memorials for d Jews. i didnt feel as strongly as i felt when i was at d Holocaust thou. maybe it was way too big and not as many things to see. so it was pretty tiring walking from 1 pt to another pt. we spent like 5-6 hours there, juz walking d grounds of d camp. it was sooooo tiring! after we left d camp, my host Johannes n I was soo tired we juz wanna go home. we took a different way back to d train station n it turned out to be d wrong way. we attempted to walk past d rail tracks. we were half way thru when an announcement comes from the station. Johannes turned n said "that means us". apparantly d announcement says something like "no trespassing on d railway tracks". it was kinda funny! so we had to turn back where we came from n walked a big detour to d station.

ok i need to talk about my host Johannes.

he is d kind soul who took us in after learning that we were stranded at d train station. he juz got back from a business trip then n was really tired but took us in anyway. without even looking at our profiles on CouchSurfing or knowing who we are. he turned out be a really humorous guy n loves to cook! he made pizza 1 night n pasta on another. yummy! chatting with him is a great pleasure cos u end up laughing all d time. we also watched a few movies together. o yes, he offered his place for 2 more nights than we planned. we stayed 1 more night than planned in d end.

ok i think i will stop here for now cos it's turning out to be an extremely long entry. more later...

permalink written by  wangyng on April 29, 2008 from Berlin, Germany
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
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