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Hello Europe!!
Langkawi - Solo trip July 2009
Phuket! 2012

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Day 2

Phuket, Thailand

Well seems like Reiki worked and gave me the perfect weather today. It was all sunny and no rain at all! Woohooo!!

Was planning to go to Phuket Town but then I was aching and feeling lazy. So I decided to just chill and do pretty much nothing. LOL

My day started with a lunch at a very quiet restaurant tucked at the end of a small street. I read online somewhere that they serve very home-cooked style Thai food. I walked around a little before I found it. It was actually in the little street I had my massage yesterday! The food was nice and not too pricey. I had Phad Thai and Spring Roll. They were so yummy! I was full but couldnt stop eating the Spring Roll! I think I will go back there again tomorrow if i have the chance!

After lunch, I went around searching for postcards. I looked at all the souvenir shops but couldn't find any. The 1s at post office looks awful! I finally found some nice 1s at the supermarket. I spent the next hour or so writing it at the same nice cafe @ hard Rock Hotel before heading back to the hotel. Love that cafe!

I spent some time lazing on that patio outside the hotel room. It helps when there's a cute boy who stay in the room adjacent to mine. :)

I went to the beach right outside the hotel to watch the sunset. There were street hawkers there and it was quite busy. I got myself 2 chicken wings before heading back to the hotel. Actually wanted to eat at the beach but there's a dog eyeing my chicken and even followed me all the way back to the hotel! In the end I ate them in the comfort of my room. The chicken were YUMMMY!! Goodness I should have just eat street food all the while! Cheap and Good!

I had dinner at a nearby hotel. It looks like the food wont be too ex and it gives me a homely feel. True enough, The green curry was nice. The waitress told me I look Thai. She said her sister is also very fair like me, so if i spoke Thai, they will think I am Thai. So much for my limited Thai. LOL

I went to another hotel nearer to my hotel after dinner. The bar is opened til 12am. I ordered a Tequila Sunrise and tried to read. There was a guy with a guitar playing for a short while. It was nice. The sea, a nice drink, live music, quiet bar, a good book... c'est la vie! Pure BLISS!

Tonight is the last night I will be spending in Phuket. Tomorrow night, I'll be on my way back to reality...

permalink written by  wangyng on August 22, 2012 from Phuket, Thailand
from the travel blog: Phuket! 2012
tagged Beach and Phuket

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Day 1

Phuket, Thailand

Let my holiday begin!

I touched down in Phuket at around 9.30pm last night. By the time I got to the hotel it was about 11pm. Tired and sleepy, I scanned through the 80+ channels only to find 5 English channels. Went to sleep with LOTR (dubbed in Russian) on TV.

Day 1 was pretty chilled, actually all my days are usually chilled. HAHA! Woke up, had breakfast, laze around a little, then took the free shuttle to Patong Beach. Walked around the streets looking at stuffs but not really keen to buy anything. So I just had a pancake from a street/bike hawker and went to the beach.

The beach is pretty crowded with hawkers and vendors trying to sell you stuffs or services, like any commercialized beaches. Like hair braiding, massage, food, sarong, hat, jet ski ride, and beach chair (yes they charge you for that but I don't know how much). But they weren't persistent and most would usually leave you alone after u politely tell them 'no'. The rain comes and goes at almost every hour but luckily they were mostly passing showers. Walked into a little street where there's loads of italian food and massage places. Made a mental note to come back here for massage. There's 3 art shops that caught my attention. One in particular was own by a deaf artist. Unfortunately the only painting I liked in the shop wasn't for sale. Tough luck!

I decided to walk to the paralleled road as I recall seeing a big market that reminds me of ChatuChak on the way to the beach, but not as huge of cos. It started raining as I was walking there and decided to take shelter in a nice looking cafe that has a huge 'illy' sign. The cafe looks so nice and quiet so I decided I MUST have a coffee here! I ordered my latte and proceed to sit indoor. It was just me and my coffee in that whole indoor sitting area... PURE HEAVEN! Absolutely LOVE that place (not forgetting the latte cost only 95baht)! I finished my coffee in between a few sms and some photos. Only after I walked out of the building did I realised that I was actually in the Hard Rock Hotel. No wonder everything look so nice! This is actually my highlight of the day! :)

The market was pretty boring to me as nothing has a price tag on it and I am not in the mood to bargain. Actually not very interested in the stuff they offer as well. So I went back to the street and got a foot massage (a proper massage, NOT reflexology!). The Thai lady seems to know I have an injury in my left ankle cos she was spending a lot of time on it. The massage was pretty good and left me sleepy...

Went to the beach again as it was almost time for the sunset. There were lotsa clouds today but least I get to see some sort of sunset. I sat on the beach for about 30 min and left when the sun disappears behind the clouds.

While waiting for the shuttle back to hotel, this VW van came outta nowhere and transformed itself into a bar. After hesitating for a good 10min, I sat down and ordered a mojito at 100baht (that's less than S$4). The drinks were served in plastic cups, well, I did just pay 100 baht for it. But I have to say, the mixed drink tasted WAAAY better than the last few 1s I had back home (and I paid S$16 for each of those)!

By the time i got back to the hotel, I was flushed red! I wasn't sure if it was from the sun or the mojito! Waited til I was back to normal color before heading to dinner nearby. I had pasta in the end. Actually wanted Thai food and thought the place served Thai. Only to find out they only serve Western food. It was late I was lazy to move somewhere else so I made do with it. Dinner was ok but I was trapped at the restaurant/bar for a good 1 hour due to heavy rain. The lady boss told me it's like this every night and tomorrow as well. In the end, I went to the convenient store next to the restaurant/bar and got a poncho so I can walk back to the hotel in the rain.

I am hoping to go to the Phuket town tomorrow and I really hoped it would be more sunny tomorrow. Well, least be cloudy but not raining. Reiki please grant me the perfect weather tomorrow! Thank you!! :D

permalink written by  wangyng on August 21, 2012 from Phuket, Thailand
from the travel blog: Phuket! 2012
tagged Beach and Phuket

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Arrival - at a chill out guest house in a little village

Kuah, Malaysia

the trip that i have been waiting for is finally here!
i booked this trip about 1.5 months ago... big mistake!
cos waiting for this day is a torture...
then in the 1.5 months... too many unpleasant things happened...
that i wished the break would come sooner... but of cos that didnt happen.
well... i can only say this is one long anticipated SHORT trip!

got on the 0840hr flight to Langkawi.
arrived in Langkawi at 0955hr.
picked up by Mark and had a quick tour along the way to the guest house.
Pondok Keladi is where i'm staying for the next 3 nights.
it's tucked away in a little village near Cenang, where the main stretch of hotels/resorts are...
close enough to the main area but far enough for peace and quiet.
a very nice place with friendly guests, owner, dogs and some wildlife like squrriels and monkeys (i heard).

i didnt do very much today... just walked around the main stretch...
looked around a few shops... and duty free..
had a nice walk on the 2 beaches, Cenang and Tengah, watched the sunset there too.
Tengah beach has 1 of the nicest sunset i've seen...
only 2 other places beat this so far: Danshui in Taipei and Cable Beach in Broome.
i couldnt stop clicking during the 15-20 min sunset!
of cos i am not the only one too...

had a nice dinner at an italian restaurant to end the day...
Linguine with garlic prawns... YUM!!

it's only 9pm when i started feeling tired...must be the early flight ...
gonna try to rent a car or bike so i can go around the island quicker!
tomorrow is gonna be great!!

permalink written by  wangyng on July 25, 2009 from Kuah, Malaysia
from the travel blog: Langkawi - Solo trip July 2009
tagged Langkawi

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Langkawi!! here i come!!

Singapore, Singapore

MI 362 to Langkawi.. leave in less than 8 hrs.
i have to pack!
but what luck i have... a trip to the beach area and it's that time of the month for me!
probably wont get to do any water sports now... BUT that is not gonna stop me from having a good time!

permalink written by  wangyng on July 25, 2009 from Singapore, Singapore
from the travel blog: Langkawi - Solo trip July 2009
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Wicked is absolutely WICKED!!!

London, United Kingdom

i watched a musical in london for d 1st time... it was really really tough to choose which to watch! i finally decided on 'Wicked'. it tells d story of how d wicked witch of d west (in Wizard of Oz) became d wicked witch. it was great! d set, d actors, d singing, d music, d story, d pace, d humor... absolute entertainment!! there was a standing ovation at d end of d performance too! absolutely wicked performance n i totally love it!!!! i have no other words to describe it! if this ever goes to singapore, i will watch it again!!! and again and AGAIN!!!

permalink written by  wangyng on June 21, 2008 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged London and UK

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my host in Paris ...

Paris, France

... is almost a 'lao beng'!! he is 38 years old n only listens to electronic euro dance music (which in singapore is referred to as euro trash music)! he loves MTV (still) is very happy with anything MTV (i m really surprised by this to be honest)! all that is lacking is modifications in his car n he would be a perfect 'lao beng'!! ---LOL--- i think only d true singaporeans would understand me in this one!!

permalink written by  wangyng on June 17, 2008 from Paris, France
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Paris, France and Host

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Lyon has realy nice night views!

Lyon, France

our host Cyril brought us to watch d EURO2008 in a pub/bar. it's an important match between Netherlands n France. France was beaten flat (4-1)!!! as u guessed, Cyril wasnt too happy with d match or d result! but he still brought us out to another pub. anyone can pick out music from their vinyl collections n play it. it was pretty cool!

o yes, we saw some really nice night views during d drive! it was pretty unexpected! d city looks really different when it's lighted. i cant describe it in words. i am guessing this is juz an appetizer for night sceneries... Paris will be even better i heard!! looking forward to Paris!

permalink written by  wangyng on June 13, 2008 from Lyon, France
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged France and Lyon

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music appreciation n age

Luynes, France

went to a live band performance with our host's homestay exchange student. he is a 17-yr-old thai (still a kid!) and his friends here are playing in the band. he asked if we are interested to go see his friends' band n we said yes.

it was held at this little pub in Aix-en-Provence. d band wasnt a good band to my standard. d drummer was always in his own world n not with d band n d singer doesnt sing very well. they seem to have d "i play in a band so i am cool" attitude. Youngsters... that seem so far away to me. hahah... all d Young kids there seem to think d band is good n had great fun. i m beginning to think that as u get older, u have higher expectations for live music... or just music in general. u dont enjoy just loud music n u learn to appreciate good musicians a lot better... gosh i'm definitely getting old!!

d thai kid had 1 pint of beer. he got a headache from that, couldnt walk straight (but insist he is fine) n later passed out during d ride home (our host came to pick us up). it was quite funny but cute! reminds me of my 1st few drinking experiences. i wasnt as bad as to passed out but i turned red pretty quickly n had allergies reactions all over my body d next day! ahhhhh youth! how far away that seems from me!

permalink written by  wangyng on June 10, 2008 from Luynes, France
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged France and AixEnProvence

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Football Fever begins!!! in Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

today, EURO 2008 begins! host countries Switzerland n Austria are infested with football fans from all over Europe. i can say that cos i witnessed it in Geneva. d 2nd match of d season is played here in Geneva, Turkey vs Portugal. since d aftn, there's supporters from both teams roaming d streets in respective t-shirts/flags. cars were honking at other supporters of d same team or against supporters of d other team.... i dont really know cos they were just honking all d time... many were holding horns n sounding it every other minute. some fans just started singing their national/team anthem on d streets. u can really feel d craze n d fanatic behavior... so loud, so enthusiastic, so rowdy, so high-spirited, so aggressive, so friendly, but for me... mostly annoyance... it was soo difficult walking thru d old city with all these fans trying to outdo each other in singing, clothes, horning, n all that stuff... d old town feel was lost amongst these rowdiness. although nice, i cant really enjoy d old town with such commotions hitting me everywhere i walked... such a pity..

tomorrow i head to d much anticipated France. i can only hope d weather will be good... fingers crossed!

permalink written by  wangyng on June 7, 2008 from Geneva, Switzerland
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Geneva and Switzerland

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met a nice old lady in Montreux

Montreux, Switzerland

went to Montreux today for a day trip. didnt get to do much cos i woke up late (like what's new right?!) n got there late. did d tour in Chateau de Chillon (d famous castle in on Lake Geneva), d castle, went on a 1.5hrs cruise, saw d Freddy Mercury statue...

i met a nice old lady while waiting for d ferry/cruise. she was juz sitting on a bench at d jetty waiting for her friend, n i was waiting for d next ferry back to d city. she started talking to me about d past n future... she asked "is our future in front of us or behind us?" "are we going into d future or leaving it behind us?" deep questions i muz say... but it was nice to hear her stories n views on that...

was actually going to take juz a short 15 min ferry ride.. but d nx ferry comes in 1.5 hrs... n i can take d cruise ard Lake Geneva n be in d city in d same time... so i went on it (also cos i get on for free!)... it was really cloudy n foggy today so i cant really see much on d lake... all i know was d lake is fucking HUGE! n after a while... having been on other lakes, d sceneries started looking d same.. or not as nice as before (probably thanks to d fact dat i only see thick fog!)... anyway, managed to take a short nap on d cruise... o, i think i saw France fr d cruise too... since d lake is right at d border of Switzerland n France....

i got back around 9 n my host Kelvin has another couchsurfer Sean staying d night. dinner was still being cooked in d oven so we had a late dinner together. Sean was teaching Kelvin d guitar n they were singing when i got back... nice to come back to such an nice cosy atmosphere...

i shall see Geneva tomorrow... o yes, d Euro 2008 starts tomorrow too.. it will be d beginning on a noisy 2 weeks...

permalink written by  wangyng on June 6, 2008 from Montreux, Switzerland
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Geneva and Switzerland

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