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My second day as a tourist!

Iquitos, Peru

Before I talk about my day, everyone should know my younger brother performed CPR for the first time, officially, at the hospital he does clinical rotations at. He´s gonna be an amazing doctor!

Today was pretty amazing. Even though I got about 5 hours of sleep.
In the morning we went to Belen, which is a really poor neighborhhod, famous because of its floating houses. Some are on stilts, but other do float, because the river rises. There were kids running around, and I guess my obviously touristy outift called them over, so we took some pictures together =)

Afterward we got on a boat.. This is me, about to go an quite the journey.

Floating down the river was breathtaking.. The green, the water, the sky.. It was all incredibly beautiful. I couldn´t believe what an amazing planet we have, or how carelessly some people can destroy it. The boat ride alone was awesome.

We were actually on our way to the Mariposario, a kind of zoo where they have animals loose everywhere (all but the leopard)

and an amazing butterfly sanctruary of sorts.
Thisw would be me petting an anteater..

And the highlight of my day.. a monkey picking thorugh my hair! You can tell he was a little rough..

The butterflies were gorgeous..

This little monkey kept playing with his fish and my shoe.. though you cant see my shoe in the picture

This guy played with the tangerine.. he was pretty skillful

Then we left.. and I had to do another Dora the explorer picture..

And more awesome time on the river..

We went to visit a native tribe... the Boras. The girl that greeted us guessed my age exactly right.. she´s been the first one to do it this entire trip.

So I bought a few things from them.. and they gave me a discount because they want to send their kids to the center I work at for free computer classes..

Then we danced..

After we left, the boat took us to the amazon.. You can tell where it is because the water is a lot lighter..

And this is the little port we finally went back to.. it was amaizing!!

I miss everyone, and I hope at least some of you could have shared all this with me!

permalink written by  poweroflove on May 23, 2008 from Iquitos, Peru
from the travel blog: PERU
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holy shit i miss you.
this trip seems more and more amazing with every blog you write and every picture you add just adds another dimension to it for me. enjoy it while you can and don't get down like my mom told me you have a few times, this trip seems like the opportunity of a lifetime.

and i have to say...with each new entry your trip reminds me more and more of che and motorcycle diaries i dont know why...sigh im so jealous.

i miss you! come back soon but not too soon, learn from each thing you do and make the most of it :]

te amo!

permalink written by  Andres Parra on May 25, 2008

Hola nena, me imagino q estas bien porq no has enviado mensajes.

Ayer fue el dia de la madre en cucuta y llame a mama. Te envia saludos y como les habia mandado tu blog, habian visto tus fotos, claro q no entendieron nada de lo q escribiste pero por lo menos te vieron.

Hoy es dia festivo aca y tu papa no trabaja por eso vamos a ir al Arboretum, te cuento por si acaso no me encuentras en MSN. He estado pendiente de tu blog para ver lo nuevo q has hecho.

No has empezado tu workshop?

Leiste le mensaje q te envio andres en tu blog?

Espero q sigas aprendiendo mucho y extranandonos menos... no porq no nos quieras sino porq estas disfrutando mucho.

Un besote

permalink written by  Sabrina Casadiego on May 26, 2008

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