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A quick brainstorm..

Iquitos, Peru

Today I had a pretty long talk with my boss about what I´ve been learning here, and I figured out what I really want to do once I get back to school in the fall..

From the moment I got here I realized the need for the type of work CHS is doing here is huge. There is so much we could do to help these kids in diverse ways.. but there is only so much we can do. CHS is filled with so many caring people that are very well trained to do their job.. but the funds are not always there. When I got here, for example, they didn´t even have a good record of their activities because they don´t have a camera, and the pictures they did have were taken on phones and such. The "library" they have for their kids has like 10 books.. and even that took them forever to put together. For the computer classes, the teachers came up with manuals to ease the process along, but there are no funds to print them. Some of these kids don´t even have notebooks.. they sometimes show up to school with a few sheets of paper, because that is all they can afford.
Last semester my Paideia group at school put together a fundraiser to benefit the GISD´s Migrant Program Scholarship fund, and I think something like that could be really helpful here.. Everyone, please let me know if you guys would be interested in helping.

Another thing I discussed with my boss was the Life Skills workshops. I really love them. It´s not always easy staying until after 10pm training teachers on them, but I learn so much.. I really think they should be a part of the required curriculum at every school, everywhere, because every child should have those basic tools.. So I´m thinking of starting an effort to replicate these workshops back in Georgetown at some point.. I think they would be really helpful to the kids that can attend them.

So far, all of this is just brainstorming, but I would really love to take this further..
Ideas? Comments?

permalink written by  poweroflove on May 27, 2008 from Iquitos, Peru
from the travel blog: PERU
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I'd love to participate in anything you need help in...

how do you plan on replicating it at Georgetown?
how do you plan on raising funds?

permalink written by  Andres Parra on May 27, 2008

I would be more than willing to help out in Georgetown for sure. I can see something like that being very successful!

permalink written by  Paige Menking on May 29, 2008

i love that idea!! i cant really do anything since i'm not there anymore, but i wish you the best of luck, and if you can think of anything for me to do, let me know!
love love love!

permalink written by  Hope Revelle on May 29, 2008

comment on this...
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