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Lisbon, Portugal

Tue.May 31. Docked in Lisbon.Took the tour "Highlights of Lisbon"Lovely city,many wide squares.We visited the maritime museum which is part of what was a monastery.

The church is still there with lovely stained glass windows but it was never finished.There are marks on one wall where an addition was to be,but never was,and all the niches are empty,no statues.
The maritime museum has replicas of the ships used in the days of exploration and naval
costumes of the periods.
We drove by a tiled wall of various shades and I took a quick picture from the bus.

There was a statue of Christ,arms outstretched as on Corcovado in Rio,on a tall pole.Apparently
the Bishop of Lisbon visited Rio and wanted to have a similar statue.
We visited the monument to Portuguese explorers which has figures carved on each side,
including the figure of King Henry the Navigator.

The weather was lovely,warm and sunny, but not too much so.
Several people got off in the main square off which is a pedestrian street.

I am having a problem downloading photos.Only a couple of the last lot took.I am going to download some of Lisbon but if you don't see any you'll know that the problem is still there.
The internet is excruciatingly slow.I log in and the page disappears and I have to redo it all over again.

I may be able to write another blog or maybe not.I'll see how things go with the packing.

I am really anxious to get home now.145 days is a bit too much,although it has been very

permalink written by  edoyle on June 1, 2011 from Lisbon, Portugal
from the travel blog: World Cruise
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