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On our way to Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain

So today, around 9:00am, Kumiko and I meet up at the bear statue in SOL and together go to the train station in hopes to catch one of them to Barcelona. I checked online just before I left and figured we'd be getting the 11:30am one. Well we catch the metro to the train station and start our small journey to find the ticket office.... There are soo many different kinds of companies/offices we bounced from window to window, person to person until we finally find the train ticket office. We pull a number then wait. When our number got called Kumiko was trying to remember how to ask for two train tickets to Barcelona since very few people actually speak English. We get up to the counter and as Kumiko hesitates shortly I ask for two tickets to Barcelona. The guy smiles, says "Ah, Barcelona" and begins typing at his computer. He shows us the times, we ask for 11:30 and he prints off two tickets. Done and Done. Now we have two hours to find something to do. Outside, across the street from the train station we spot a McDonalds so we go there and get a very small and crappy breakfast. Oh I also want to add this McDonalds was WAAAY nicer than any I've seen in the US and was playing music that would NEVER have been played in the US at least not unedited. While there we find out that McDonalds has wifi and it's free so that's cool. Anywyas, 11:30am comes around, we get on the train and off to Barcelona we go!

Three hours pass and we arrive in Barcelona! It is very humid here. We enter the train station and well hmm, we have no hotel, no idea where in Barcelona the train station we arrive at even is and we have no plan. We head to the first metro map we see and see a station called Segrada Familia which is the famous cathedral in Barcelona and the one thing Kumiko wants to see here so we figure out the metro in this city and head there. The place is jam packed with people. But that is a good thing because where there are lots of tourists there are bound to be little huts of information and MAPS sooo we head to the park that is right across the street from the long line of people wanting to enter the cathedral and stop a little station where the lady gives us what looks to be a paper place-mat from McDonalds that is map. Well now we have a map of Barcelona, we know where the station is from our quick metro journey so now we just need a hotel. I look at the McDonalds map and notice that it marks every McDonalds in Barcelona. Well that's great, I tell Kumiko to follow me and I head straight to the closest McDonalds which is right around the corner. Luckily I'm starving by now so we order a small meal and find a place to sit. I finish my nuggets then whip out my phone and begin to use their free wifi :D I get on booking.com and start to look for hotels. I find three, screen-shot their names and addresses and now Kumiko and I are off to find a taxi. We show the driver the first hotel and he takes us right there. I ask if they have any rooms available but they do not :( Damn cause that place was nice. Anyways we find another taxi and show them the second hotel. We arrive and I ask this place if they have any rooms available. The lady behind the counter checks and yes they do! They had two rooms available. One room is a basic double and the other was an executive double with two stories, a terrace, one patio oh and a mini pool xD I said we want that one. Well 550 euros later we have the nice room for two nights :D Well today was basically walking around and getting to know the area. Tonight we wanted to try tapas so we went to the Moon bar? And orderd a few small dishes like calamari, fried hot chilies and four croquetas Oh and I got a salad which was absolutely AMAZING. omg it had like avocado, BACON, chicken, leaves and a balsamic glaze dressing sorta thing it was heavenly. Well Barcelona so far made a great impression on me :D
Bed time.

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 16, 2011 from Barcelona, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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Great post! I've always wanted to visit Barcelona and experience, explore its amazing and wonderful sights, still hoping that one day I may have the chance to go there and feel and see the wonderful things in Rome and not just in photos or videos anymore..

permalink written by  Sandy Allain on December 5, 2013

thanks for sharing it
I wish I could go to Barcelona, where my favorite team is located (FC Barca)

permalink written by  robinvan on December 24, 2013

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