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Goodbye Seattle!

Seattle, United States

So today will be my daughter's, who is now 23 months old, first international flight! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit scared about how she will handle being on a plane for nine hours but she did so well on her very first flight I think she will do great. My dad picked us up and took us to the airport. The flight was delayed by about 55 minutes which made me nervous since our connecting flight to Brussels departed only an hour after our arrival....
We got the airport really early and zipped through security, the airport was surprisingly not as crowded as I had expected it to be on a holiday weekend. We ate an overpriced dinner then sat at the gate waiting to board.

We will be arriving in London the next day so stay tuned for the update!

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 2, 2016 from Seattle, United States
from the travel blog: 2016 - Hello France, we meet again.
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Final Day and Hemingway

Madrid, Spain

So today is my last full day in Spain :( I slept in till around 2:30pm. Finally got our of bed at 3:00pm because some little bastard bug bit both my feet either in Barcelona or last night and man are they itchy! Anyways I showered, got dressed and headed out to SOL. I walked ALL around just south of that area. It was a beautiful day and I was taking pictures left and right. After about an hour I decided to go find the oldest restaurant in the world 'Sobrino de Botín'. The same one Ernest Hemingway ate at and also mentioned in two of his books :D I knew I was close so I grabbed the next taxi I saw and they brought me right to it. I took a few pictures from the outside and decided to end my trip in Spain with dinner here, tonight. I didn't do any research on if I needed a reservation or not or when I need to be there or really anything about the place but I figured dinner around 8:00pm would be nice. After making this plan I made my way back to SOL and caught the metro up and over to Nuevos Ministerios where I thought I saw a few cool sites when driving by that area a several days ago. Well I walked around here and didn't really see anything nice except for one place which I can't seem to find it's name.. I'll keep looking online and add it later if I find out what it was. Anyways there were a lot of shops in the area I was so I decided to visit one of them. I went into Massimo Dutti. Now this is the sort of store I wish I could frequently shop at. I walked around inside looking at the shoes, shirts, pants and jackets. I finally found one I really liked and it fit nicely. Well, 120 euros later it was mine :D. What! It's my birthday trip I get what I want :P Well I was done with this area and remember noticing how nice it looked just east of SOL so i caught the metro back to SOL and started walking east. Saw a lot of great sites like the Palacio de Comunicaciones in The Plaza de Cibeles and Parque de Retiro which is a beautiful park. Well 4 hours have passed and I have seen a lot today. It's about 7:00pm so I start my journey to Botín to see if I can even get in to eat. I show up around 7:50 and see a small crowd gathered around the entrance. Luckily it's just a line and it's still moving! So I hop in and when It's my turn I tell the guy for one and he asks if I have a reservation. I tell him no and he says no problem and directs me left where I am now going downstairs to cellar area. The place was still really cool I had a take in the corner and was handed my wine and food menu. I decided to order the house special menu which for 43 euros I got Gazpacho, Roast Suckling Pig, Half Bottle Red Wine, Bottle of Water and a Loaf of Bread. The roast suckling pig was basically a whole pig roasted over an open fire and two big chunks cut out and plated. The skin was crispy like chips. The whole meal was delicious :D I'm so glad I got a table. Well I am now back in my room. I called my mom and dad and about to call the front desk to ask for a wake up call since I should probably be at the airport by 10:00am.

Well, Goodnight! Last night :D

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 19, 2011 from Madrid, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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Farewell Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain

So today we woke up, packed up, I grabbed the do not disturb sign cause I collect those and headed out. Since our bus didn't leave until 2:30pm and we had to check out by noon and it was only 9:20am we decided to check out then and luckily the hotel locked up our bags so we could see a few more things before leaving and not have to lug them around. So today we went to visit Hospital de Sant Pau. Parts of the hospital was under construction so in order to gain access to the under ground tunnels we needed to join a tour group. So we got to the hospital around 10:06am and saw the first english speaking tour was at 10:00am. But it had just started three minutes ago so we paid and quickly joined up with the group. The group consisted of around 12 kids maybe in like 9th grade? And three adults. Looked to be a school trip. One of the funny looking boys got on my nerves but that's just cause he looked funny and kept running into me. anyways, aside from a veeeery slow and boring beginning the tour was quite good. I mean don't get me wrong, I could have researched all this in half the time it took to walk through and hear the guide's speech but he was very into the hospital's history and was full of knowledge I ended up loving it. My views on tours hasn't changed the slightest and I still avoid them but I am not disappointed with doing this one. I learned a LOT about the place and boy did a lot of work get put into making the place pleasant for the patients starting with the colors used inside, outside, on the roofs and walls, down to the size of the buildings, shapes of the stones, directions of windows, religious options offered for healing, topographical layout of the facilities as in patients with infectious diseases are in the northern half of the facility so that the winds from the south when they blow through will take the diseases north and outward away from the hospital. I mean they thought about almost everything. There is just so much information I'm leaving out but basically in the end the hospital with it's many buildings was basically a city within a city. It was self sufficient with it's own farms nearby. Oh and not to mention how it got started. Okay anyways it's now 12:20am and Kumiko and I are now looking for a place to eat. We stop by this small still place and order fried green chilies, green olives and what seemed to be the breading used in frying seafood rolled into little bite sized balls but with a hint of seafood flavor like crab or something. I ordered pasta and Kumiko got a sandwich. The food was delicious. After we ate we went back to the hotel to pick up our bags. After we got our bags we stopped by this pastry place and got some snacks for the 8 hour bus ride back to Madrid. Well we get to the bus station, wait for our bus, get on said bus and head back to Madrid. Lots of small things happened on the bus but not really worth writing out. Just small little moments one sees when around the same group of people for an extended period of time. Well we got back to Madrid around 10:00pm Kumiko and I part ways at the metro and I am off to my hotel. MY hotel. lol. I oddly missed this room. Well Guess should call it a night I am exhausted.


Oh tomorrow is my last day in Spain :(.

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 18, 2011 from Barcelona, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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Barcelona Part dos.

Barcelona, Spain

Sooooo today reminded me why I like to travel alone. No offense to Kumiko but... Never again will I travel with her. Luckily she will never read my blog so I can say that. She bitchy and no fun. Okay, Aside from her being the most difficult person to enjoy a foreign land with Barcelona was amazing! We woke up around 8:30, okay I woke up at 8:30, Kumiko was up waay before that, and after I showered and got dressed we headed out. Okay, real quick this is where the first of many "seriously?" moments occurred with Kumiko....So I am the one paying 550euros for the hotel. My hotel. I am now paying for two hotels in Spain. One thing I like when I travel is my privacy. Which I keep by putting the 'do not disturb' sign outside my door at all times. I don't need someone coming into my room when I'm not there just to make my bed, and not with new sheets or comforters by the way, move my stuff around, or give me a fresh roll of toilet paper. I can ask for toilet paper and towels when I am in the hotel and need them. So as we are leaving the room Kumiko flips the do not disturb sign around so it says please come into my room and do stuff.... I ask "what are you doing? I don't want anyone in there while we're gone." Kumiko, like the spoiled little princess she is actually has the nerve to argue back and say "I want it cleaned." We were only in that room for like 13 hours, and 7 of those were sleeping... the room doesn't need cleaning... AT ALL. She gives me hella attitude like she even has a say... "Well whatever," i said and she had her wait but I said if anything of mine goes missing I'm blaming you. Anyways, now are finally off to visit la Sagrada Família. The famous cathedral everyone imagines when thinking of Barcelona. That place was amazing and very odd compared to other cathedrals I've seen around the world. It had a sort of extra terrestrial feeling to it with all it's bulbs and rounded surfaces. Anyways, we arrive later than we had originally planned. We wanted to get there a little before 9:00am since that's when the cathedral opened and we knew lines formed quickly but since I woke up late we arrived around 9:20. Well the lines weren't that long, nothing compared to the day before around 2:00pm, and so we jump in line. Kumiko is upset and complaining about the segrade going to be crowded when we get there because we didn't get here earlier and suggested we try again tomorrow.... Seriously? I had to explain to her that either we get here irrationally early so to be first in line thus first in the cathedral in which case we would only have minutes before everyone else was let in. So irritating. Anyways after explaining that there are going to be people in there no matter how early we get here because they aren't going to stop allowing people to pay for entry just because you want to be alone we should stay in line and go today. We were in line only about 15 minutes and were inside the cathedral in no time :) We both got two tickets, one entrance and one to go up to the towers. we had about an hour twenty before our time to go up. This was plenty of time to see the ground floor and take lots of pictures :D. 10:30 comes along and we are now in an elevator going up. Once we reach the top we then had the most spectacular views of Barcelona. the city is beautify from above. Kumiko and I spend about thirty five minutes at the top slowing moving in the direction of the stairs to go down (yeah, they make you walk back down via swirly stair case.) Next we spend about another forty minutes or so around the outside and through the museum. After la Sagrada Família we head back to around our hotel where Casa Milà or La Pedrera. This place is a building built by Antoni Gaudí. I don't really know what I saw here cause it was very odd. I do know there were apartments and there were elevators on every second floor cause Gaudí wanted it's inhabitants to know one another. the roof was extremely weird with huge pieces of art and the inside was very old. Oh and on what was... umm.. the 3rd floor? Was a museum explaining the history of the building and the inspiration for it's design from nature. Lot's of very interesting pieces on display explaining the different aspects of the building design polygonal shapes, curvature. After Casa Milà we decided to head back in the direction of the hotel to get some lunch. We went to this little tavern called Taverna Mediterranea right across the street from our hotel. This place was amazing and the staff were awesome. The main guy got a soccer jersey signed by Messi and had it framed and one of the ladies that worked there was putting it up on the wall. The man was very happy with it haha it was fun. We ordered the roasted chili peppers, deepfried cuttlefish, and green olives stuffed with anchovies as started. I ordered a steak with mushrooms and grilled onions which when asked how I wanted the steak cooked I answered, "well done" and the waiter told me "no," then pointed to his shoe haha he said I wanted medium well I said "well done!" he was firm in his decision of me getting it medium well haha. It was amazing! After lunch I wanted to head to the coast so Kumiko and I took some metros south and first went to the bus station to buy our bus tickets back to Madrid. After getting those, Oh also, around the bus station is an Arc del Triomf. This one is waay cooler looking than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris haha. Okay so after getting bus tickets we head to a couple cathedrals down in the old part of Barcelona, Cathedral of Santa Eulalia and Santa Maria del Mar. These places were pretty awesome with the latter being the better one. Santa Maria del Mar had a very odd Palm tree oases in the middle of it. For some reason the greenery surrounded by stone was so cool. Anyways, these were two very quick stops. Now we are walking around the old part of Barcelona with it's narrow streets and little cafes and tapas restaurants. I was in heaven here. Aside from the crowds this was what I love to see and do. See the architecture and getting lost. Which is exactly what happened when we wanted to go to the harbor. I said "This way" as I'm pointing left from this little plaza. Wanted to just walk around Barcelona and eventually get to the water I started walking in the direction I pointed and Kumiko followed. Okay so during the next hour or so we passed some locals and what I think were some prostitutes in what could best be described as the Bronx version of Barcelona, some Muslims rioting over something, some children playing cricket in between two buildings and into an area were we didn't see any tourists. I finally pull out my map and say lets go into this little mart and see where we are. Kumiko asked if I knew where I was going. I said "nope" lol. This is where things get interesting and why I kept reminding myself why I prefer to travel alone because at this moment Kumiko got into one of those female tantrums. Saying things like "don't say you know where you are going when you really don't" and "if you don't know where you are going then ask for directions." sigh... seriously? I told her I never said I knew where I was going and that I just wanted to walk around and eventually end up where we wanted to go. She blew off what I said as if I was wrong and she was right and said no, you said you knew where you were going. I said I never said those words, all I said was "this way." And anyways, she said "nope but whatever" and did that whole girl thing where you guys just get quiet and start walking as if it actually makes you're lies real. ANYWAYS, turns out we were going in the complete opposite direction from the water and had to backtrack like30 minutes or so. Man Kumiko was piiiiissed. I was laughing so hard at how mad she was. She just kept walking at a super fast pace. She is so irritating. Grrr okay I'm done with her, all in all we finally get to the port! It's very beautiful there. We send a good two hours walking around this area taking pictures and soaking up the beauty. After a good amount of time here we decide to head back to the hotel but first Kumiko wanted to grab some souvenirs for her host family from Barcelona... Now... The thought is nice but seriously? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure lots of people would think to do the same but I just don't get it. If I was hosting someone here and they went off to, like, Pullman or lake Chelan or even Seattle, I would not want them to get me anything from there... souvenirs are junk. I accept the fact that the spoons I collect from every country I've been to is technically junk but they actually have a purpose and no one else got them for me. Okay so we are finally on our back back to the hotel. back at the hotel it was very quiet... I went straight upstairs and Kumiko went straight to the bathroom and shut the door. She was in there for the whole hour or so I have no idea doing what but when I had to pee I set the dead bolt in the door so it wouldn't shut all the way and went up one floor to use the public bathroom. I was kinda trying to avoid Kumiko during this time. Anyways, she came out around 9ish and asked if I wanted to go get something to eat. So we headed out to find dinner. After walking in circles we ended up going to this Japanese restaurant haha. This was weird, my brain didn't know how to comprehend a Japanese waitress speaking Spanish in a Japanese restaurant. And on top of that as soon as we sit down the lady who seated us throws like a million different menus on our table - ones in Spanish, ones in English, lists in which we can pick 5 dishes from for 13.35 euros and another list in which for 9 euros we can pick 3 options and we can use the numbers next to each dish on the lists in Spanish to find them on the English menus, or we can use the bug menus and order from the set meals for 2 people, or we can just order large dishes, or individual dishes it was chaos! I felt like I was doing homework! In the end we decided to each do the 5 small dishes each for 13.35 per person. I got friend wontons, miso soup, raw fish, dumplings and uh a breaded meat in a sweet and sour sauce. All in all it was pretty good and a cool idea having multiple small dishes rather than one big dish. We called it a night after that and went to bed after check some internetz like right now.

Tomorrow we are going to try and visit Hospital de Sant Pau with a guided tour so we can get access to the tunnels since the whole place is under construction right now. Also get a quick lunch, pick up some snacks for the bus ride back to Madrid and finally get to the bus station before 2:30pm.

Over and out - :D

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 17, 2011 from Barcelona, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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On our way to Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain

So today, around 9:00am, Kumiko and I meet up at the bear statue in SOL and together go to the train station in hopes to catch one of them to Barcelona. I checked online just before I left and figured we'd be getting the 11:30am one. Well we catch the metro to the train station and start our small journey to find the ticket office.... There are soo many different kinds of companies/offices we bounced from window to window, person to person until we finally find the train ticket office. We pull a number then wait. When our number got called Kumiko was trying to remember how to ask for two train tickets to Barcelona since very few people actually speak English. We get up to the counter and as Kumiko hesitates shortly I ask for two tickets to Barcelona. The guy smiles, says "Ah, Barcelona" and begins typing at his computer. He shows us the times, we ask for 11:30 and he prints off two tickets. Done and Done. Now we have two hours to find something to do. Outside, across the street from the train station we spot a McDonalds so we go there and get a very small and crappy breakfast. Oh I also want to add this McDonalds was WAAAY nicer than any I've seen in the US and was playing music that would NEVER have been played in the US at least not unedited. While there we find out that McDonalds has wifi and it's free so that's cool. Anywyas, 11:30am comes around, we get on the train and off to Barcelona we go!

Three hours pass and we arrive in Barcelona! It is very humid here. We enter the train station and well hmm, we have no hotel, no idea where in Barcelona the train station we arrive at even is and we have no plan. We head to the first metro map we see and see a station called Segrada Familia which is the famous cathedral in Barcelona and the one thing Kumiko wants to see here so we figure out the metro in this city and head there. The place is jam packed with people. But that is a good thing because where there are lots of tourists there are bound to be little huts of information and MAPS sooo we head to the park that is right across the street from the long line of people wanting to enter the cathedral and stop a little station where the lady gives us what looks to be a paper place-mat from McDonalds that is map. Well now we have a map of Barcelona, we know where the station is from our quick metro journey so now we just need a hotel. I look at the McDonalds map and notice that it marks every McDonalds in Barcelona. Well that's great, I tell Kumiko to follow me and I head straight to the closest McDonalds which is right around the corner. Luckily I'm starving by now so we order a small meal and find a place to sit. I finish my nuggets then whip out my phone and begin to use their free wifi :D I get on booking.com and start to look for hotels. I find three, screen-shot their names and addresses and now Kumiko and I are off to find a taxi. We show the driver the first hotel and he takes us right there. I ask if they have any rooms available but they do not :( Damn cause that place was nice. Anyways we find another taxi and show them the second hotel. We arrive and I ask this place if they have any rooms available. The lady behind the counter checks and yes they do! They had two rooms available. One room is a basic double and the other was an executive double with two stories, a terrace, one patio oh and a mini pool xD I said we want that one. Well 550 euros later we have the nice room for two nights :D Well today was basically walking around and getting to know the area. Tonight we wanted to try tapas so we went to the Moon bar? And orderd a few small dishes like calamari, fried hot chilies and four croquetas Oh and I got a salad which was absolutely AMAZING. omg it had like avocado, BACON, chicken, leaves and a balsamic glaze dressing sorta thing it was heavenly. Well Barcelona so far made a great impression on me :D
Bed time.

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 16, 2011 from Barcelona, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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Better not miss the Bus Change

Soria, Spain

Uh this is where I changed buses in between Madrid and Pamplona.

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 13, 2011 from Soria, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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Running of the Bulls!

Pamplona, Spain

So I did today what I was suppose to do on my birthday, see crazy people running around and sometimes under bulls. I caught the bus at 1:00am and man was I tired. Luckily I had a few hours until I had to change buses in Soria, Spain. Long and uneventful story short, five and a half hours later, around 6:30am, I arrive at the bus terminal in Pamplona! There are SOOOO many people dressed up in the festival attire of white shirt/pant with a red neckerchief and belt thingy all over the buss station. All these people either going to run with the bulls that day or are leaving having ran with then yesterday. They were every where. Anyways, I arrive in Pamplona only knowing what the route the runners and bulls will be taking looking like on a map so I begin my search for a map. I stop in a small souvenir store and ask for map, one is brought out and I am then shown where I am at the moment and where the Bull Ring is. Which is good cause the route ends at the bull ring. I then buy said map and then start to head up some stairs to the exit. Now, instead of asking for a taxi or trying to figure out which cardinal direction I'm facing I decide to reverse engineer a network of people back to a secondary source, the area of interest. I begin to 'swim' against the little crowds of people walking to the bus station hoping they will lead me to some where on the bull run route. Next thing I know I stumble upon a giant fence which itself is covered with people. Well I found the route now to find a good place to see the people and bulls when they pass by. Every inch of every fence was plastered with people sitting on top, crouching looking through it. The fences were three horizontal beams about 2 feet apart and one vertical beam about every oh 8 feet apart. Well it's now about 7:20am and I find myself accepting the fact that I'm not going to get a spot on top of the route anywhere and will have to try and make due with peering through the fence like oh so many unworthy on viewers. I'm sitting behind this old couple who are sitting on the fence and then eventually the woman looks down and points to a little behind her and off to the side right on one of the vertical beams and says I can try and stand on the second horizontal beam right behind her cause she will be standing when the bulls come so there should be enough room for me to squeeze in during the important part which only lasts about 5 minutes. I examine the area and figure I could climb that just before the bulls get into sight. Well 10 min pass and this girl standing next to me asks the people on the fence if she could try and get up and sit on top of the vertical beam since no one was actually on it. She knew I was gonna be jumping up behind everyone so i figured she'd brace herself when I appear. So she finally gets into place and all is good. Okay so, time passes and it's now 8:00 sharp, after seeing a few runners already run by, the first rocket goes off signifying the first few bulls were set free to run. Right then I jump up and squeeze in between now the girl and the older lady, oh the older couple were Australian by the way lol. Well at this point I'm practically holding myself up so to release some strain on my arms I lean over the top beam at which point the girl sorta leans on my back trying to take her photos while on top of me. She was cute, I was comfortable and able to get my pictures, everyone was happy so I didn't complain. first bull I see and tried to take a picture of came out blurry. I then tried to take video but it was during a moment where there were no bulls... All in all I figured there would be more bulls then there actually were BUT it was still awesome. After all the bulls were ran into the bull ring, running a whopping 6-ish minutes the gates and fences were packed up and taken away. Everyone ran around drinking, hitting up the now open bars and restaurants and attending the free show in the bull ring. At this show a lot of the runners were in the middle of the ring and one bull was let out to run around and smash people against the wall as they tried to tease and taunt it. I was rooting for the bulls. Well it's now like 9:00am and I don't leave back to Madrid till 2:15pm... I walk around the town taking pictures watching parades and people dressed up as characters riding horses and what looked to be giant chess pieces (I really didn't read up on the origins of this festival) and watched as they chased children around and hit them with a stick and foam. I kid you not these characters were beating children right there on the street. It was the funniest thing I've seen all week. I got something to eat, tried to exchange my bus ticket for an earlier time but 2:15pmas the next bus so I sat at the bus station for like 3 hours. Nothing happened during this time and come 2:15pm I was on a bus back to Madrid. One quick stop to change buses in Soria and I was back in Madrid by 8:00pm.

Well time for bed!


permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 13, 2011 from Pamplona, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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Let's not miss this bus either.

Soria, Spain

Just a quick bus change. On my way back to Madrid.

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 13, 2011 from Soria, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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Back in Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Back in Madrid!

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 13, 2011 from Madrid, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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Madrid, Spain

Today was my birthday!
Okay, so, It wasn't as exciting or adventurous as I'd planned it to be but I'm in Spain so either way I really can't complain :D. I decided to walk around as much as my feet could bare. Saw a lot of Madrid and even got my bus tickets to Pamplona! I had to get them at the bus station because well as you know from my last entry the stupid Alsa.es site was saying my bank was rejecting the transaction... Stupid websites not taking my money... Anyways, I have all my bus tickets to get me to Pamplona to see the Running of the Bulls tomorrow. My first bus leaves at 1:00am so I will take a short 3 hour nap before heading to the bus station. My first bus leaves at 1:00am and I then have a bus change in Soria, Spain around 4:00am (hope I don't mess up). I should be getting to Pamplona, Spain around 6:30am tomorrow if all goes smoothly.
Well this birthday was very laid back. No Mountain hiking in ancient Incan ruins or flying between four differently countries but it was a BEAUTIFUL day, I got still got my Starbucks and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Well time for lights out.

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 12, 2011 from Madrid, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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