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Innsbruck - surrounded by alps!

Innsbruck, Austria

everywhere u turn, u see the Austrian alps, that's Innsbruck! it was simply amazing to see these huge mountains, the top half covered with snow... cant imagine how beautiful they will look during winter! i think i need to make a trip here during winter!!

anyway, our host, or hosts i should say... are 5 uni students (most of them major in Physics). and get this... none of them are Austrian! they are all from the south of Germany (Bavaria area). they are all into sports like skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing and stuff like that. the guy who accepted to host us is actually a model for ski products... meaning he skis really really well! some of the works he showed me had him doing ski jumps n going down some really steep slopes with lotsa stones... made me wish i can ski. oh oh... i have to mention, the balcony view of their place is AMAZING! u can see the alps.. imagine waking up to that everyday...

the city centre is really small, so we pretty much found our way around easily. there isnt very much to see in town actually. most of d visitors are usually here for the skiing, since there's a glacier that offers year round skiing. i didnt do it though... thought i might do that when i get to Switzerland. d only thing i remembered we saw in d city centre is the Golden Roof.

we went up to a mountain nearby, Seegrube-Nordkette. there's a Gondola that takes us up to mid point of the mountain, then if we wanna go to the top, we need to take a cable car. u can also ski here during ski season. we spent some time looking for d Gondola station. by d time we found it, it was pretty late. so we just headed up to as far as d Gondola goes, then sat down, had a drink n enjoy d nice view. d walk down d mountain wasnt that enjoyable thou! it took us 1.5 -2 hrs... longer than expected. but there's nice houses n dandelions along d way to keep me occupied... so it was alright... hahaha...

d other thing that Innsbruck is known for is probably Swarovski Crystal World. it's kinda like a crystal museum. when i entered the museum, it was like sparkling everywhere!! crystals everywhere, big n small, from the entrance area, to the toilets (yes the toilets too!!). i know i m not d sort who go gaga over stones but i really felt like a kid in there! there's d world's largest & smallest gem stone in the world, paintings & sculptures accessories with crystals, clothes... n a lot of other stuffs. it was pretty WOW for me...

i had a really good time here... d boys were really cool! we had a BBQ on d balcony with their friends n chatted for so long!! they actually reminds me of my uni days... gosh i missed that!!

so far Austria has left me good memories... and i love d train system!! it's sooo efficient n comfortable too! u never have to worry about not having a seat on d train! d best i've encountered so far! i have a feeling i will be back here...

permalink written by  wangyng on May 16, 2008 from Innsbruck, Austria
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Austria and Innsbruck

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