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The land that stole my heart

Kampala, Uganda

Uganda and Guerillas (gorillas)

The tour got under way and we quickly headed out of Kenya and into one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This place mesmorized me by the people, the landscape and the struggles it had over come. We entered into Uganda through a long wait at the border and construction that had us sitting on deadend roads for hours. Got to Jinja late at night and could only hear the roar of the White Nile. In the morning, I sat with coffee watching calibus monkeys groom each other on the edge of the source of the great nile, knowing that the water I am seeing now would soon be passing through the turbulent Sudan and then on into the land of pharohs. Kampala is a city I could see myself living in and everywhere in Uganda only leave you speechless with its beauty. We went to a small town called Kusoro to trek the gorillas. The place we stayed had two doctors without borders guys staying there because 10000 refugees had just fled the Congo. The air in this region is tense. You can smell the gun powder waiting to erupt and see in everyone’s faces that they have seen more than we can even imagine; it borders both Rwanda and the Congo.

Watching gorillas eat bananas in the rain forest of africa…. Not much more I can say then what is assumed by reading that statement…awesome!

Moved back through Uganda, unwanting to leave but heading back to amazing places. On the return I white water rafted through the nile. Lost my shorts on the last rapid, lovingly referred to as THE BAD PLACE. Crazy nights at amazing bars and lots of cool people to meet. Uganda, I will return to…not soon, because now it is flooded, southern borders are closed because of eboli outbreaks and the conogolese rebels are firing Morter shells at Kusoro…but someday, I will live there.

permalink written by  crAsh13 on September 7, 2007 from Kampala, Uganda
from the travel blog: East Africa in 2007
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