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First Day (Pt2)

Hazard, United States

The first thing we had to do after leaving the hotel was get to a car wash. All window surfaces had been covered in shaving cream (which smelled awful, whatever brand it was they got) and there was toliet paper everywhere. On top of that there were static stickers on the inside and they'd put these "cute" little star confettis in the visors (more on those bastards later)

We got done with that after about ten minutes (probably could have used to scrub a bit, honestly, as there are still whitish streaks on the sides and windows) and headed to the bank where I utilized my minimal math skills to discover (after a great deal of confusion) that I was actually depositing 25$ less than I initially thought because the bank does not take Chilis gift cards.

We went from there to Big Lots looking for disposable cameras (no such luck) then to our favorite Saturday lunch/breakfast place for hotdogs (for Russ) and a barbeque (for me) From there we went to Kmart for hair scrunchies and something else....neither can remember what at the moment.

So, after stopping for gas and coffee for Russ, we finally got out of Charleston at about noon.

Kenova got hit about 1-ish, and Louisa at about two.

That's where it all went wonky. Russ wasn't feeling good, so we got off the main road, intending to cut through Louisa on the side instead of head on. Well, we got into town and saw a sign for Inez, which we identified as a city more or less along our route. Assuming, as sane people would, that the road would lead in rather short order to Inez, we hopped on that route. I was feeling a little drowzy/crummy and fell asleep.

When I woke up about an hour later, Russ was in front of the car on the computer trying to figure out where we were. Apparently we'd passed through Clifford a short time before, but that was the last seen sign.

So. About half an hour later we arrived in Inez with joyful accompaniments of "KFC! I SEE A KFC!"

Inez was, by the way, pretty much entirely that KFC.

So there we met our first help: Rob the Trucker.

To be continued yet again!

permalink written by  eightcubed on August 9, 2008 from Hazard, United States
from the travel blog: Honeymoon
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the star thingies were all Karlee's idea...she remembered the story about the glitter in the visor or mine and jeff's car when we got married and wanted you to experience it...being the best woman's right hand mom i complied...Sorry

permalink written by  karen berg on August 20, 2008

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