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We are in Rio Dulce!

Livingston, Guatemala

Sorry we have not kept the blog up. I uploaded pictures and got a blog entry typed but by time I got ready to save it, the internet went down. That was on the 21st. We went and looked at a boat later that morning. Came home took a nap, took a walk through the neighborhood, and then came back and watched Eddie & Salamun knock coconuts out of the tree. We watched how to machetti them into a flat bottom and flat top so you could get the milk out and then set them down so they wouldn't spill. We also opened 3 of them and ate the coconut out of the inside. It was delicious! Not long after, I ended up running a fever, throwing up, and felt absolutely aweful!!! I remained sick for 4 days. Finally broke my fever after the 2nd day and stopped throwing up. My stomache is still giving me problems, but I am happy just to be alive! Greg has been having stomache problems also. We were told by the locals that I had "Panamanian" flue. Whatever it was it is NASTY!! The family that we are staying with helped to take care of Greg; feeding him and keeping him busy so he wasn't worrying about me. I am thankful for them being here!

Life here is a little different from home. Not only are we living on the water, but the house is totally open (look at the pictures). We have been encountering some strange animals that we are not used to at home too. For example: little geckos (they are our entertainment at night when there isn't anything else to do), trantulas (silver dollar sized), cockroaches (also bigger), and then there is the elusive ring tailed cat (or monkey we aren't sure...just saw a tail going out the door in the middle of the night). It keeps taking food from our counter top. First it was tortillas, then a loaf of bread, and then a bag of sugar. I finally put everything we have food wise in the refrigerator.

The internet was just not there. We found out that the cable had been stolen. The last time the theives took 5 kilometers of wire. They melt the outside off and then sell the inside copper. It takes days here to get everything fixed. Not like the US. Modern conveniences are just that...CONVENIENT! You don't really appreciate them until you don't have them.

We are going to start looking for boats this morning..Now that I am able to stay upright for more then 10 minutes. We are excited!! Will be leaving for Tecal on Thursday so don't have much time left here. Will try to blog at least once more before we go. If not, I will at the next place we have internet. (By the way..we are not really at Livingston. The site won't let me put Rio Dulce which is an hour west of Livingston inland. But you get the general idea)

permalink written by  Greg & Tana Irwin on August 20, 2008 from Livingston, Guatemala
from the travel blog: Honduras, Guatemala, & Belize
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