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For Patrick and my other Morbid friends

Petroio, Italy

A month and a half after the weed trimmer fiasco this is what im left with.

Remember it used to look like this.

The scar healed up fine, not to tight or anything. Under the skin things seem to still be sorting themselves out. I get wierd stabby and tingly pains and dont have the same strength or range of motion. All things taken into consideration though I think it's doing quite well.

I never got around to writing up a Florence blog and I doubt i will so go look at the pictures, and all thats worth knowing is that the two best things about florence had nothing to do with florence.

1st best thing was the awesome sushi place we found. Hot sake and raw fish, nothing has tasted so good in a long long time.

2nd best was my new sandles which i somehow didnt get uploaded. They're braided cord woven into a cool strappy pattern, and they can get wet. Flipside footware ftw!

Hmmm florence is less then two hours away, and the train ticket was less then 7 euros. Is it extravagent to travel across italy for good sushi? Cuse now im craving it again :(

permalink written by  Slade's Elucidation on September 8, 2008 from Petroio, Italy
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great scar :)

permalink written by  peaches on September 9, 2008

Hi Daddy and Amanda,

I'm not in school today because of the Hurricane. I boarded up my windows. I put a lot of water in the frig. We are taking good care of your car. Goodbye for now. I will write again soon. Savannah

p.s.$ :]

permalink written by  Savannah on September 12, 2008

NICE! healing PURRfectly!

love you!


permalink written by  Summer on September 12, 2008

randomness - you need these, tink: http://www.splitreason.com/product/457

permalink written by  peaches on September 15, 2008

I'm totally jealous. I've spent my summer in a cubicle staring at a computer screen, and you've been on this awesome tour of Europe! This trip sounds amazing!! I'm glad you've been documenting it through this blog. I'm also glad your hand has healed- that looked pretty scary! :)

permalink written by  Kristin Sartor on September 16, 2008

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