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9 Hours To Go

Didcot, United Kingdom

I'm still producing enough mucus and coughing up enough germs to worry about potential quarantining on landing but hey, still excited.

Apart from the risk of actual death I love flying. I get a buzz off hurtling through the air at 572mph in a pressurised steel tube but this flight will be the longest I’ve ever spent in a confined area apart from that time I went to see Lord Of The Rings.
Technically though that wasn’t 20 hours. It just felt like it.

Emma, however, is a nervous flyer. She panics so much that all reason leaves with the only parachute causing everyone within earshot to question exactly what they were thinking in getting onto a contraption that is heavier than air in the first place.
Of course an integeral part of flying is drinking. This is for Blood Thinning Medicinal Purposes only of course but I'm fairly sure that half a bottle of Jack Daniels would be sufficient to calm Emma down for a significant portion of the flight. If pouring it down her neck doesn't work I'll just belt her round the head with it.

Anyway, I'm off to work out how much excess baggage I'll be charged on my arse and to find enough sedative to keep Emma settled for the first 12 hours at least.

I'll email everyone from the other side :)

You're Cool
permalink written by  Koala Bear on May 10, 2006 from Didcot, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Sod Off Great Big Mission Round Oz
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hehe, well, I understand Emma a little I was also afraid of flying, but due to my living in another continent now, it's already easier for me, i must confess :)

permalink written by  wow-traveler on October 7, 2009

nice blog ... gud to see it!

permalink written by  snow123 on October 19, 2011

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