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throwing in the towel

Lille, France

they always say its going to be one of the best semesters of your life. they warn you about culture shock and its affects. and they tell you to hide your money in three different places so you don't get robbed. but they can never truly tell you how it feels to be completely disconnected from everything you've ever known. to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. and then there's the complete and utter exhaustion.

as we sat on the steps of foyer international in the pouring rain ringing the doorbell, i felt the hilarity of the moment but couldn't even pretend to laugh. what could we do but ring that bell. it was our lifeline. someone, somewhere inside that building knew who we were.

it's now late at night. im alone in my room with my new scratchy sheets and lumpy pillow. i have no electrical plugs, no food, and no patience for my new life in Lille. i want my house, a burrito, and the 24 hour festival foods.

i'm imagining that eventually living here you reach a point where you give up. you give up all the ties that bound you to your comfort zone and begin to latch onto new things. except currently i have nothing to latch onto. i think i'll go find carolyn. maybe she can't sleep either.

a bien tot

permalink written by  lepetiteprof on January 10, 2007 from Lille, France
from the travel blog: all glory comes from daring to begin
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i am a college coed studying in lille, france for five months. it took me 1480 french classes, seventeen documents, and nine years to get here but the wait was worth it. europe is my playground: i always was a fan of recess.

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