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Lille, France

first week of classes is over. were starting to plan trips and settle in. the other girls only want to go home but I know that I belong here, doing this. this isn’t de pere. yes its different and yes its scary but its an experience that i plan on taking full advantage of. who knows when ill get to come here again.

the classes are not too frightening. understanding the professors isn’t too difficult and most are very understanding when it comes to helping us erasmus students. i have a lot of literature classes, all at 8am. but I love getting up early, eating my jam and toast, drink my bowl of café au lait, and walk in the dark to the catho. grab a 20 minute and your morning is set.

i notice certain things about the people that im bound to forget once i leave. little things that they probably don’t even know they’re doing. like how no french person will ever meet your eye when you walk past them or how hugging a friend hello is not acceptable. their fashion confounds me. browns and blacks and grays all mingle together and against the city would seem to most drab and boring. But theres something that is just so…i guess the term is je ne sais quoi. i never believed in its existence but its there. theyre so chic it hurts.

i do what I want now. no more feeling guilty and wondering if ill hurt peoples feelings or create drama. im more quiet. more slow. i think more and talk less. its nice. however i still have my booming american laugh that i can't seem to shake.

the drama continues at home. glad that couldn’t follow me across the ocean.

Lille football game and Paris next weekend

a bien tot

permalink written by  lepetiteprof on February 2, 2007 from Lille, France
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i am a college coed studying in lille, france for five months. it took me 1480 french classes, seventeen documents, and nine years to get here but the wait was worth it. europe is my playground: i always was a fan of recess.

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