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Heading Bush: Day 7 - "Valley Of The Flies"

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia

After a few days of sitting in the back of a jeep even we were grateful for the promise of a Really Long Walk which was probably all part of Mike's cunning plan to stop us bitching when he told us it would probably take a couple of hours. Oh come on, we don't know how many circles he drove us in, all these unsealed roads look the same to us, we have to trust this guy who has a penchant for Early Mornings and Big Hills.

After we'd stopped of at Erlunda for a cuppa tea and to check out the Big Things (an echidna and a frill necked lizard which are kept behind bars for reasons I have yet to ascertain), we'd marvelled at a man mowing the lawn in the middle of the desert at Curtin Springs, laughed ourselves stupid whilst taking photos of Sam mooning Uluru while other tour groups looked on in horror and Susanne had gotten Sticking Things To Claire's Face out of her system we headed on over to Kata Tjuta which is known to the ignortant white man as The Olgas.

We would be doing the Valley Of The Winds walk through the rocks, we would be taking it at our own pace and damnit we would be enjoying it.

Actually it was pretty cool. I do enjoy a good hike and it's made all the more bearable with good company. Emma decided she wasn't going to do it on account of her heart condition but me, Allison and Susanne stuck together and had a wicked time wandering through the rocks and enjoying the scenery which I can't describe here. Seriously, check it out for yourself. The photos don't do it justice.

It wasn't long into the walk when Sam decided he was going to press the pretty button because it looked like the tourist information button you get at train stations. It was actually the Emergency Radio button, the dead giveaway being the large, clear writing above it that read "Emergency Radio."

No Sam, you'll never live this one down.

It brought the panicked ranger running. Poor bloke, this kinda thing is probably the highlight of his day, he probably had visions of saving the day and being a hero, imagine his disappointment when he arrived to find that the Americans had been at it again.

After the walk we didn't quite make it to the viewing platform in time to watch the sunset over Kata Tjuta but we still got some good photos by hanging out of the jeep on the way.

That night we set up our swags at Yulara which exists solely to cater for visitors to Uluru and the red centre. I have no idea how much is costs to camp here but I bet its not a pretty number to part with.

permalink written by  Koala Bear on November 5, 2006 from Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia
from the travel blog: Sod Off Great Big Mission Round Oz
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