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Austin, United States

In case anyone hadn’t noticed yet or the length of our stay here in lovely Austin was unclear, we’re home home. Like back in Austin finding a house and getting jobs. We won’t be running off to another far away land now that the holidays have come to an end…though it is inevitable we will again at some point.

Currently we’re staying with Ed at his apartment, sleeping in Ben’s former room, grats to Ben on shacking up with the lady btw ;) Providing the planets are where they need to be we will be getting a large place with Heather, Richard and Ed. I’m very much looking forward to living with people whom I enjoy being around so much. After living as we did while traveling I can’t imagine going back to a home with just the two of us, it would seem so isolated.

We’ve been back in Austin for 10 days and so far our return has been everything I could of hoped for. Our friends welcomed us home with both arms flung wide open, and I was relieved to see that we seemed to pick up right where we left off. Things haven’t skipped a beat and yet didn’t pause a beat either while we were gone.

Everywhere I look I see the people I love doing wonderful things with their lives, pursuing their art and taking it to the next level, pursuing new avenues of self expression, and pushing themselves to a higher mental plane by consciously engaging their reality. I couldn’t be happier for my friends.

I’ve caught the hoping infection from the ladies, and smile upon my bruised hips as a sign of progression. This is definitely what I was needing to undo all those huge dinners at Trove.

Many people have been interested to know how we’re adjusting to the reality of life in America, and to that I simple reply…HELL NO!  What I expect out of life now has changed drastically. I refuse to drain myself physically and mentally like I have done previously trying to pursue degrees and a career. I think everyone needs the time to pursue hobbies and activities that encourage personal growth and the expansion of our consciousness, which is near impossible if you live your life in the rat race that American consumer society has become.

To help us along in this journey we’re heading to the Dhamma Siri Vipassana Meditation Center on the 28th to participate in a 10 meditation course. This is an intensive meditation course, we wont see each other the whole time and you are silent with the exception of limited dialogue between students and teachers. If this doesn’t teach me how to make all the chatter going on in my head quiet down I’m a lost cause: P

After we return it’s time to jump head first into creating the lives we want to live now.
Perhaps I’ll write up some reflections on the trip and post em up, but for now just this update on where we’re at and what we’re doing.

A special thanks to all the wonderful people we meet while traveling. Our hosts, our fellow volunteers, and the other travelers we ran into along the way. You restored my faith in the human race and that we have the strength and compassion needed to help humanity along to the next stage.

I’ll probably still update and use this blog, because after all once a traveler always a traveler. It’s just a matter of how long until the next trip!!!


P.S Soon as I can get them transfered from James's new laptop to my computer there will be pictures and blogs from all the "welcome home" events.

permalink written by  Slade's Elucidation on January 13, 2009 from Austin, United States
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"Welcome Home" <3

permalink written by  W on January 13, 2009

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