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Last day, a visit to Roslyn and diner at Bizzarro

Seattle, United States

On my way back to Seattle I made a quick stop to see George, Washington. Why? Why not, how often do you get the chance to visit George, Washington. OK, George was pretty boring, but I did kill an hour and a half driving there and back. and there was some nice scenery along the way.

Then I stopped in Roslyn. The old Northern Exposure town of Cicely, Alaska. I was here 19 years ago while the show was still in production. There have been a few changes in the town since then, but not many. The storefronts for KBHR and Ruth-Anne's store are gone. The storefront that used to be Dr. Fleischman's office is now a gift shop, Marilyn's desk and chair are still in there. The Brick and the Roslyn Cafe are still open. But the Moose is long gone. I was told that Dave, the cook at the Brick, now lives in town and is trying to revive the show. Also next July at the Roslyn Moose Festival Rob Morrow and Janine Turner are scheduled to make an appearance.

Last but not least, Diner at Bizzarro Cafe. Ever since my first night in Seattle all I can think about is the Clams with Linguine diner I had there. I have to say that was the best meal I've ever had. No other meal has ever left my mouth watering for it ten days later. But did I order it again, no. I decided I didn't want to chance tarnishing the memory of that meal, so I decided to try something new. Ducky Pillows; Homemade pasta stuffed with duck and white beans with a white wine and sage butter sauce. It was excellent, not as good as the Clams and Linguini, but still an excellent meal. Now i just have to find more reasons to go back to Seattle so I can try the rest of the menu at Bizzaro.

So now I'm at the airport, my flight starts boarding in 30 minuets and I should be home by 11am on Friday. Then I can sleep the rest of the day.

BTW: according to the odometer on the rental car I drove 3,137 Miles.

permalink written by  Kugs on the road on September 22, 2011 from Seattle, United States
from the travel blog: Pacific NW 2011
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The visit to Roslyn broght back memories of our trip in 92. Too bad about the moose.

permalink written by  Tibo on September 23, 2011

nice days with nice post.

permalink written by  jackson23 on September 27, 2011

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