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Survived the fire!

Vancouver, Canada

At first I thought we were going to have another fairly normal, not very interesting week. Little did I know that on Thursday, Sarah was going to try to kill us by burning the house down! A tip for people with naked flames in the house, don't put your library books on top of them ok. It's dangerous kiddies. Charley says "Don't play with matches". Please go to this url: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/films/1964to1979/filmpage_matches.htm for more information about what Charley says. It all turned out ok, seeing as I saved the day and removed the slain library book from the flames and doused it with water. I'm not sure what we're going to tell the library yet. Not to worry.

Now, for the rest of the adventure of Thursday! We popped to our local to watch the Vancouver Canucks play the Dallas Kings in the play-offs for the hockey here.

Sarah inisisted on taking the bus and as it is still somewhat cold here at night, I agreed this was the best option. Of course what bus trip would be complete without a picture to document the event? That's right, no bus trip! Room 18 is this little restaurant bar near us that has 3 screens (about 11 shy of the doot, yeah) but it was a nice place to be watching the game. Packed out as well. They were about to have a lawsuit on their hands though, as we were sitting on the bench seat across the wall it broke. We were accused of being responsible by these locals:however they were very polite and were actually really good fun. Sadly I am not sure what their names were/are and I won't remember even if they had told me as I had been forced into drinking a large number of beers. These chaps had however made the adventure to Australia, one of them to Melbourne and the other one to Perth. They concurred that Canada and Australia have many things in common and are both very nice places. We were left pondering that thought as the Vancouver Canucks lost by a goal in overtime. This "ice" hockey is a rather exciting game actually, they belt the crap out of each other and hit the opposition with their sticks and everything. Kinda like Ultimate Fighting, but way better cause they have blades strapped to their feet. Friday morning saw regrets of drinking so much the night before as 7 hours in a file room with a pounding headache is rubbish no matter how you look at it.

Friday night did however hold some surprises. Sarah informed me that we were invited to a party with some locals. Needless to say, I was reluctant as I was still recovering from Thursday night, but I agreed... We played the following board games:
1) Poker
2) Cranium
3) How to host a murder
Now you'd think that with a list of activities like that it was going to be a quiet night in at the mortuary. Not the case. I have never heard more XXX rated conversations in my life. I wasn't even taking part! Sarah was sitting there blushing while the girl next to her told everyone how she pashed her best friend (also female) the week prior and that if we would like to see photos they were on her boyfriend's laptop. These Canadians eh. Crazy. So after a few more cans of "Pilsner" which is apparently the worst beer in Canada we popped home and crashed out.

Seems like it's crazy here alright!

Saturday I got cosy with the sofa.

Sunday we went and did walking trails in the forest around the University of British Columbia, which was pretty good.

On for another week of filing!

permalink written by  haveyouseenmypassport on April 21, 2007 from Vancouver, Canada
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damn filing *shakes fist at stupid office job*

you and I should form a club.

permalink written by  jeannie polson on April 22, 2007

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