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Go Canucks!

Vancouver, Canada

I'm sorry that I don't like sport. I'm not sorry that I've become fascinated with this game of ice-hockey. Sarah keeps asking what I've done with her real boyfriend. I keep assuring her that indeed I am him and she shouldn't be concerend as I have not been body snatched by aliens with superior techonology and intelligence. I'm starting to wonder if she watches Star Trek Voyager too much. Waking up with a sweat and speaking "Klingon" should have been a good indicator that Sarah has had enough Star Trek in her life time, but it's not for me to impose rules on the TV now is it? Luckily we have two teles so we can watch the hockey and Star Trek both at the same time. The good news is that the Vancouver Canucks won game two against the Anaheim Ducks in a two overtime period thriller. But enough about hockey.

There have been some interesting events this week. Tuesday-ish apparently the storage locker area was broken into here in the apartment block. I was going down to inspect the damage when I met one of the other tennants. Now, apparently the block next door houses a crack dealer who "buys" stolen goods off local hobos using rocks of crack, which is why we have a hobo party in the car park of our building all weekend. I'm pretty annoyed about hearing this cause the hobos are really annoying when they are just sitting there and stinking up the area. Very sad and all that, but annoying, cause I don't want to live near a crack head stolen goods dealer. Very irritating. Don't worry John, the hobos don't attack anyone, they just sit there and be annoying. As we don't have anything in our storage locker, we were lucky and nothing was stolen.

Thursday night my steak craving finally got the better of me. There just wasn't anything that I could do anymore, so we popped to a pub that has a $10 steak night. Had a bottle of BC's finest Cab-Merlot. Was very nice pub actually, the pub was pretty nice, large main area with a mezzanine that we sat at one of the tables on. So that was pretty nice. The steak was just fantastic. Not often is a steak cooked exactly how I ask for it, but the chef in this place definitely had his head screwed on. More to the point, it's not often that a $10 steak is really something to write home about, unless you're at the Doot. So we were pleasantly surprised with how nice the meal was. Especially for a tenna! Brilliant.

This entire six or eight weeks I was planning on chopping off my hair when the weather got a bit nicer, so I wouldn't have a cold melon. Trying to plug the charger that I brought with me for the clippers I found that it wouldn't fit!? Shocking I know! This has lead to my severe cultivation of a mullet.

I'm not sure how it's going. I have probably got more work to do in terms of shortening the top and lengthening the back, but I'm pretty pleased so far. Sarah keeps trying to cut off the whispy rat tail bit at the back, but I'm resisting pretty hard. If I can find a new charger for the clippers then I'm going to give it the chop as soon as possible. Failing that I'm concerned that I'm going to have to leave the old Whalies behind. I know, I know, that's pretty drastic, but it's nearly a kilo that I could lose in terms of backpack weight if I donate them to the salvos. We'll see.

This weekend is pretty much a sitting about and chilling. We did pop to IKEA Richmond (Oh my god, I was scared) for a fix of shopping that Sarah required. What is it with chicks and needing to go and luck at stuff that they're not going to buy anyways? I managed to amble around the entire IKEA at a pace that was conducive to my love looking at as much Scandinavian-Home-Furishing-Ware/s as she could handle. We escaped without buying anything, not even a shoe rack. A shoe rack is probably the thing we need most right now, I mean I have absolutely no where to put all my shoes. Oh well. We also popped 'round to a friend's house for a spot of surfing (couch type) and a couple of cans while eating Russian and other Eastern block region type foods, which were very nice. We called it an early night though. Sunday... Well, it's now Sunday and I'm pretty relaxed. In fact I'm so relaxed that I'm going to go and cook up some dinner and watch the tele some more. Brilliant!

Take it easy!

permalink written by  haveyouseenmypassport on April 29, 2007 from Vancouver, Canada
from the travel blog: To infinity!.. and... beyond... uh.....
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Very nice mullet action. Still a very beautiful man.

permalink written by  Benny C on April 29, 2007

Anyone who mentions Star Trek more than once in a blog entry gets beaten by me and my fists and fury.

Unless it's Star Trek: The Next Generation, which doesn't count because it's super rad and Riker's hot.

Blood sports rock.

permalink written by  Kimba on April 30, 2007

Honestly, it sounds like I try to murder him more often than I really do....

And yes, Riker...tasty. But seriously....this hockey this is weird... pash denied due to hockey. It's just not right.

permalink written by  Sarah on April 30, 2007

indeed, a fine mullet.

Ikea Richmond - what are you mental? The things you do for love.

xx j

permalink written by  jeannie polson on April 30, 2007

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