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The Return to Normality

Nha Trang, Vietnam

After the boys left we felt it necessary to have a night off to recharge our batteries. The next morning we had a Team Talk discussing Redbull, where after a sleepless night of hallucinations decided to quit cold Turkey. At the beach that day we met two Texan cowboys and enjoyed spectating as they instructed a group of eager young Vietnamese boys in a Navy commando style workout regime. Considering they looked like a couple of Hollywood stars this was of course a pleasurable experience for us. Arranged a dinner date 7pm sharp, by 8pm we realised we had officially been stood up! However, we recovered ever so quickly when our fish in claypots arrived- a taste sensation. Headed to the Sailing Club later that night to find that they were waiting, tails between their legs, with excuses at the ready. After flashing their Hollywood smiles, they were forgiven and the night continued in a typical Nha Trang style.
In Vietnam it is standard behaviour to ignore the annoying hawkers on the beach, however, in our fragile states we succumbed to the charms of a young Vietnamese boy brandishing a colossal collection of what is, in hindsight, relatively crap beach art. After examining the collection for approximately 2 hours, between us 5 were purchased. Surprisingly enough this lengthy deliberation did not prevent Erin from later realising she had purchased 2 identical pictures just in different colour schemes. Unlucky Mummy and Daddy Gillham, its the thought that counts. Murph and Tay were unable to tear themselves away from the charms of Why Not Bar on the final night, their tally is now 6 pairs of flip flops lost during one week in Nha Trang.

As much as we'd loved it there, we were relieved to say goodbye to Nha Trang and make a retreat to the mountainous resort of Dalat. Although it pretends to be in Vietnam we awoke after a 6 hour bus journey to find ourselves in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It was kag-in-a-bag/ jac-in-a-pac/ mac-in-a-sac en force as we strolled round a deceptively large lake (this was unfortunate for Erin as due to her turquoise waterproof and trouser set she morphed into a smurf for the day).

Next day had quite a few hours to kill so headed for a cable car where a thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all, soaking up the alpine atmosphere. The rest of the day was wiled away reading, writing and drinking bucket loads of free tea. True English girls at heart.

permalink written by  Murph, Tay, Colly and Erin on May 8, 2006 from Nha Trang, Vietnam
from the travel blog: The Smug Adventures of Murph, Tay, Colly & Erin
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oh dear Erin-this is only a fraction off the smock!
love you ladies xx7

permalink written by  charlotte on May 9, 2006

Hello it is Gil. Very jelly bags of you all, i thought you girls did well with satan i may have stabbed him to death with a pen. what a jobs worth. anyway the sun is shining and i have a pool to clean as my parents are actually going on holliday in a few weeks, and your gonna miss my party although your having one everynight. hmmm. drinks to the travellers huzzah. got some no white label vodka with your name on x

permalink written by  Sir James Simon Gilly the Third; Lord of Candover on May 11, 2006

I hereby state that I have been consistently reading and checking for updates this fascinating, inciteful, and superbly well written piece of travel literature. From the veritable feast of wonderment that was Chiang Rai, to the hazey humidity of Hanoi (check out the alliteration from the scientist) I have been enthralled.
The fact that this comment is only my first contribution to the afore-mentioned literary marvel in no way reflects my near-religious commitment to its continuing development and enhancement. Moreover, it was simply my intimidation from the stratospheric quality of the written word that has prevented me from commenting thus far.
This comment should, therefore, serve as an apology to my younger sibling (and associated companions), and as a clear symbol of my determination to improve both as a reader, and as a brother.

Thomas Anthony John Murphy

permalink written by  Tom Murphy on May 15, 2006

u look like a moomin earwig!

permalink written by  Hannah Gillham on May 16, 2006

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