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Leon, Nicaragua

So that evening Lennart and I had a very nice relaxed supper in a restuarant across from our hostel and spent the next day just wandering round the city. April is apparently the hottest month in Nicaragua so around midday it simply gets too hot to explore. Luckily our hostel has a very small, but very refreshing plung pool so I spend most of lunchtime sitting in the shallows reading my book. We met another lovely Swedish girl called Louise and the three of us went for supper and drinks that evening. She was telling me that there´s a beach about an hour away by bus so that´s what her and I got up to yesterday. It´s a very strange beach which I can´t really explain without photos but I´ll try my best. Basically the sand is a mixture of black and Normal sand so it has the appearance of dust or dirt. It´s long, beach which just appears like a vast expanse of Shoreline, with these huge, powerful waves crashing every few seconds. All this mixed with the fact that we were pretty much the only people in sight, make it quite eery altogether, but spectacular to look at. It was a bit too hot for me to sunbath so I spent most of the day lying in a hammock reading my book which was pure bliss.
I was meant to be going volcano boarding this afternoon on the boys recommendation but unfortunately I went to sign up about ten minutes too late and the trip was full up. All very annoying really as I was hoping to beat the boys´top speed - oh well, I´ll just assume that I would have done instead!
Tomorrow I head to Granada with Louise, which I have been told is not a very interesting city but there´s a few gorgeous day trips you can do to surrounding lakes which sound glorious so I will tell you all about them in my next entry.

permalink written by  veritykent on April 15, 2009 from Leon, Nicaragua
from the travel blog: Up, up and away
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