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Visiting Where Ollie Grew Up and Meeting New Family

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Yesterday afternoon I went out for lunch in Sheffield with Mom, Dad, Ang, and Ollie. We had Italian. Then Ang went to work and Mom, Dad, and I drove to see Rick and Sue, Ollie's parents. It was like driving in a twisty-straw. The roads were really curvy. We drove through the Peak District and we saw sheep, cows, and horses. Dad was driving too slow and he was holding up the traffic! He was not used to the windy roads. Then we got to Rick and Sue's place. It's in a tiny village. Their house is really nice and big. Rick made a sign that said 'Welcome to Our Place, Val, Kris, and Dave.' My name went first--haha! Sue made us a nice dinner, then I got to see pictures of Ollie when he was little. Everybody went to bed, but I stayed up to wait for Ang and Ollie. They didn't get here until midnight, but I wasn't tired! Ang had to work late so that's why they got here late.

This morning we went to Shrewsbury, it's a really nice old town, it's where Ollie grew up. It's where Charles Darwin grew up too. Rick told us it's a medieval town. First we went to the castle. We climbed up to the castle wall and we could see the whole town and all the buildings. Rick and Sue took us on a nice walk through the town. We saw some buildings with little doors. People must have been a lot shorter back then.

We also saw the house of Bob Cratchett from the last A Christmas Carol movie. Well, not his real house, but his house in the movie. There was a beautiful secret garden with flowers and waterfalls. We took pictures of the British duck in a pond.

We picked up Ollie's brother Tom and we drove to a pub half way between Rick and Sue's and Ben and Ellie's. It was in Worcestershire. We had lunch there. AND we met baby Freddie and his parents, Ben and Ellie! Ben is Ollie's other brother. Baby Freddie stole my glasses 3 times. It was really funny. He has a cute, smiley face. I gave him a teddy bear from Canada. Everybody snuggled with baby Freddie. He is always happy.

Freddie just learned how to clap and it's really cute. After lunch we went to the park and went for a walk. Everyone was there-- me, Mom, Dad, Ang, Ollie, Rick, Sue, Tom, Ben, Ellie, and of course Freddie.

British words of the day:
bap= bun or roll

permalink written by  valnyhout on April 18, 2009 from Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Finding my British Roots, eh?
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Hi Val,
What a wonderful blog! What is the name of the village in the Peak District where you went to see the relatives? Carol said to say that Kris must be there because of all the pubs you've been to. Wish I was there with you.


permalink written by  Gord Jacklin on April 18, 2009

Wow Val-- it looks like you're having so much fun. Do you miss me? Have you met any cats there? Do they say mmmmmeowwwwwwwwwwayyy?
I think someday I'll visit where Ollie grew up and meet baby Freddie. I'm saving up bugs and pipe-cleaners so I can sell them to people walking by the house so I have enough money to buy a plane ticket and also a backpack. Do you want to come with me? If I catch some moths or something I might be able to afford to buy your plane ticket too.
Say hi to everyone for me!

Love Dr Joe xox

p.s. Sky says "hi"!

permalink written by  Joey Tribs-Ny on April 19, 2009

Hey Val! We love reading about all the stuff you guys are doing. We are jealous that the only place we get to see is the grocery store and they don't like it when we take pictures in there. I think we should build houses with little doors again so us short people can feel super tall! But I (cousin Julia) might bump my head to many times.

Miss you guys,

Julia, Kim and Jerry

permalink written by  damens on April 20, 2009

Hi Val

I thought it was time I added a British voice to your comments. It was really nice to have you all here for a few days; the house seems to have shrunk back to its Normal size again and feels quite empty! What nobody may realise from the modesty of your blog is your impressive 'yomping'; your pace and stamina will stand you in good stead in Rome and Paris. I expect your Dad has now got used to driving on the 'wrong' side of the road from the 'wrong' side of the car; Shropshire roads require quick learners and according to the local authorities there are no reports of any accidents involving Canadians in a Peugeot so he must have got the hang of it! I hope you enjoy Bath and Bristol in the immediate future and the rest of your stay. Judging by your itinerary, you will be pleased to get back home for a rest!

Love to all


permalink written by  Old Man of Cockshutt on April 21, 2009

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