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Sunny Lazy Days in Bali

Kuta, Indonesia

Well not much to say about Bali really, it was my time to be really lazy and yes I know everyone thinks ive had 6 months of doing nothing but trust me travelling is exhausting, early starts, short stopovers and not really unpacking and just constantly moving on every few days. so Bali was my time to stop!
I met up with Sam again and we had a few days in Sanur as the beach was lovely, sea wasnt so great but nice enough to dip in and out of to cool off. We then headed over to Nusa Lembongan where we stayed in a lovely Villa overlooking the sea, that became seaweed fields when the tide went out. I had a little exploration of the island that ended up with a punt down the mangroves and a ride back to my villa on the back of a random ladies moped as I hadnt realised how far I had walked and was far too lazy to walk all the way back!! Had a fantastic two dives off Nusa, the first was at Manta Point where I was lucky enough to see for over 50 mins, 6 massive mantas - well over 4 metres each. Absolutely beautiful and I have never seen anything as stunning underwater before. I could have watched them all day although I would have run out of air and died so it wasnt possible!! The second dive was a drift dive which was quite scary at times as the current was so unbelievably strong, not as scary though as the instructor deciding we would turn into the current to get back to the boat (NOT the idea of a drift dive). It was literally impossible to swim and we all struggled. I think I used over 80bar of air in 5 mins! it wasnt easy. Sadly, with Nusa and some of the beaches on the mainland Bali, the beaches were not nice. They were dirty and not clean at all. On Nusa there wasnt much of a beach so it was even more disappointing that what was there wasnt nice. Maybe ive been spoilt with the beaches ive been to in my life but i dont care, i need somewhere nice to lie down and get the sun!!
We headed back to the mainland after 3 days and returned to Sanur where we decided to stay for 7 days, the longest Ive stayed in one place since Sydney at Christmas! We negotiated an excellent rate at a really nice hotel, situated for pure laziness - right by the beach but with a pool so we had the best of both worlds without walking more than 2 minutes! We did break up the 7 days by going to visit Ubud for a day. Pretty place, nice for hiking and trekking and shopping, id done enough of all of that as had Sam so we mooched and then came back to the beach!
For our final 4 days we headed to Kuta. Nicer than i expected. It was hot and there was a beach! What more can I say! We did nothing again. I did try my hand at surfing but due to lack of funds and energy, i gave it an hour and that was it! More than enough to know I may get better but the constant water in my face and bikini coming down due to waves was enough for me!
Now off to HOng Kong.

permalink written by  Sarah Coles on April 25, 2009 from Kuta, Indonesia
from the travel blog: Sarah's Voyage from South Africa to Hong Kong
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