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Los Angeles, United States

Hi again,

San Francisco was wonderful. Really sunny but so windy so a bit cold... still managed to get burnt though but it's gradually turning from red to brown. We walked everywhere (the most steepest hills you would ever see) so hopefully all the bad food we've been eating has been burnt off.

The Golden Gate Bridge was a killer to walk across... we actually had to sit down on the way back, but the views are worth it. Alcatraz was also amazing. Everyone has to listen a tape walking around and it was so interesting to see where the men dug their way out of the air vent.

We've only been out one night! We went to this little Irish bar that had 2 men playing the piano for any requests you might have. It was wild. First of all we just sat in the corner quietly drinking but then the cocktails took effect and we made a few song requests... The Beatles and Oasis. We got mocked by some Canadians for being 'so cliche'. Then I decided to be a drunken idiot and request God Save The Queen. The men didn't know it so I had to hum it in their ear and then everyone sang. It was hilarious. Then the Americans got all patriotic and sang their anthem with their hands on their hearts... it was so cute to watch.

We flew to Los Angeles this morning and have rented a car. Siobhan drove us here but the roads aren't as confusing as we thought. Tomorrow I think we're going on a tour of Beverly Hills to pick my future house and husband.

Now we're going to get drunk whilst looking at the Pacific Ocean. Jealous?

I have only bought 2 presents for Ava so far...

Promise I won't leave it so long till the next entry Mum. Also, Happy American Mother's Day (they are saying it everywhere today, even the pilot on the plane saluted the 'mom's!)

Big kisses,


permalink written by  emma109 on May 10, 2009 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: America
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