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Miami, United States

I love Miami and never, ever want to leave it!

The weather here is insane... so humid, but overcast and then suddenly the biggest thunderstorm ever starts! I don't know how they cope with the rain. The first day we got here it rained more than I have ever seen and the streets completely flooded, like a foot of water everywhere you turned! It cleared away after a few hours but it was wild to see.

We have been out only one night so far. We went to a bar for a 'quiet drink' but the drinks are so strong here it didn't really end up that way... I decided to speak French all night and Nicola jumped in a fountain! I can't say anymore... a lot of fun though.

We went to a baseball match on Saturday Night, the Florida Marlins. We thought it would be just like rounders but it's apparently not and so we didn't have a clue what was going on. Then, as usual, a thunderstorm started and we could totally drenched. It was fun to see all the Americaness of it all though... hotdogs, pretzels and beer everywhere you turn.

We've just got back from the Everglades. That was also a lot of fun. We went on the airboat and got soaked but we saw lots of alligators. I even held one! Nasty.

Washington DC is the next stop to have some tea with Barack.

permalink written by  emma109 on June 8, 2009 from Miami, United States
from the travel blog: America
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Missing our flight...

Austin, United States

Sorry it's been a while since I last wrote but nothing really interesting has happened (until this morning at least).

We're in Texas which has been a lot of fun and really relaxing. There isn't much to actually see or do in Austin apart from get drunk listening to live music. We have only actually done this once though so don't fear for my liver. Sixth Street, which is where there is like 50 bars with live music all down one street, was so busy with college students and drinks were so strong and cheap! Loves it. We also met a man who introduced himself to us at the white Nelson Mandela! His name was actually Nelson and he wasn't as peculiar as his introduction sounds. He took us to some bar where there had a live rock band but it was all too screamy for me so thankfully they stopped after a few songs. We then ran away from Nelson into a cab.

This morning we were supposed to catch a flight to New Orleans at 6.50am but we didn't actually wake up until 7! The shame of it. We booked another one just now though so hopefully will be in New Orleans by 5 ready for some jazz bands and more drinking!

permalink written by  emma109 on May 31, 2009 from Austin, United States
from the travel blog: America
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Las Vegas, United States

It is amazing here. I thought I might not enjoy all the lights and tackiness but it's actually really wild. So, so hot but everyone is air conditioned so not too bad.

So far I've only played the slots once and won 10 cents and then 75 cents, then we played blackjack last night and I won 5 dollars. Absolutely no idea how to play anything else though so we just wander around gawping at everything.

Our room at the MGM is lovely. I never want to leave (especially since the next place we're staying is a dormitory!). We got room service this morning for my birthday which was very yum and fancy.

We've seen the fountains at the Bellagio but not really anything else as we keep stopping every minute to have a cold beer!

Tonight we're going to see the Ratpack show with dinner so that should be wild... then onto a club in Caesars Palace where we apparently get free champagne. I'm not sure if this entirely true but I'm hoping so...

Also, nobody in this country can understand a word we say... It's hilarious.

Okay this is all,

Love to everyone who reads this.


permalink written by  emma109 on May 20, 2009 from Las Vegas, United States
from the travel blog: America
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Sea World!

San Diego, United States

San Diego is lovely... much, much, much nicer to look at than Venice Beach.

The drive down here was really fun but we could only stop in [[United-States/Laguna-Beach]] for 20 minutes because we had to get the car to San Diego by 2... we didn't actually manage this and had to pay late fees which wasn't fun.

Hostel is really nice. The first night we got here there was a pub crawl so of course we joined in. There was only us 3 girls and about 30 boys/men so it was... interesting. Dutch people are insane, that's all I have to say about it. The day after it (yesterday/Thursday) we were so hungover so we just ate ice-cream and watched television all day. Very lazy but it was nice to relax for a while.

Today we went to Sea World!!!! It was amazing. We watched the dolphin and killer whale shows... really, really fun but so cheesy and American and over the top. We also other things like the polar bears, penguins, sharks etc etc but nothing could compare to Shamu. We got absolutely soaked on the rapids and log flume rides but it's quite hot here so we dried off quick.

Tomorrow we're leaving for Las Vegas. It's 8 hours on the bus which I'm dreading. Hopefully I'll sleep unless some crazy American gets on and starts talking (They are even louder than me, if you could imagine such a thing).

okay byeeee.

P.S - I hate writing these things. I sound like a complete goon.

And I can't work out how to put photos on. Sorry.

permalink written by  emma109 on May 15, 2009 from San Diego, United States
from the travel blog: America
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On the move again

Los Angeles, United States

Venice Beach has been good but a little bit weird. Our hostel is literally round the corner from the beach so all the weirdos that hang around there are shouting outside our window everynight. It's not that bad really but I wouldn't like to live here.

We went on a driving tour of L.A and all around Beverley Hills and Bel Air. We saw the house from the Fresh Prince! Also saw Michael Jackson's house but it wasn't all that interesting. We paid $22 for some ridiculous map that we couldn't follow and ended up giving up trying after like 5 minutes. These american roads fry my brain.

Rodeo Drive was my dream life. Louis Vuitton, Bottega, Hermes, etc etc. We only went in a few shops and then got sad that we couldn't afford anything so we went back to the car. Also, the only celebrity was saw was English! Lady Victoria Hervey or whatever her name... not interesting at all. Although I didn't have my glasses on so Justin Timberlake could have walked by and I wouldn't have noticed.

We drove up to an amazing view of the Hollywood sign. It looks so much smaller than I expected.

Last night we went to Santa Monica Pier but it was closed for a private event, so we just took some photos and came home!

No funny drunken stories really.. apart from we met these 2 americans in a bar and one of them was so stoned he couldn't open his eyes. He said we were the most awesome girls he had ever met but I'm not sure if that was the drugs/beer talking.

Also, I'm peeling and my chest has blistered in the most painful way ever. We haven't actually done any sunbathing yet though so I'll probably look like a leper by the time we get to Florida.

Today we're leaving for San Diego, via [[United-States/Laguna-Beach]]. It should only take about 2 and a half hours along the coast so should be really pretty.

Sea World and Shamou tomorrow! I'm so excited to see the killer whales.

Hope everyone is okay.

Love Emma

permalink written by  emma109 on May 13, 2009 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: America
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Venice Beach...

Los Angeles, United States

Hi again,

San Francisco was wonderful. Really sunny but so windy so a bit cold... still managed to get burnt though but it's gradually turning from red to brown. We walked everywhere (the most steepest hills you would ever see) so hopefully all the bad food we've been eating has been burnt off.

The Golden Gate Bridge was a killer to walk across... we actually had to sit down on the way back, but the views are worth it. Alcatraz was also amazing. Everyone has to listen a tape walking around and it was so interesting to see where the men dug their way out of the air vent.

We've only been out one night! We went to this little Irish bar that had 2 men playing the piano for any requests you might have. It was wild. First of all we just sat in the corner quietly drinking but then the cocktails took effect and we made a few song requests... The Beatles and Oasis. We got mocked by some Canadians for being 'so cliche'. Then I decided to be a drunken idiot and request God Save The Queen. The men didn't know it so I had to hum it in their ear and then everyone sang. It was hilarious. Then the Americans got all patriotic and sang their anthem with their hands on their hearts... it was so cute to watch.

We flew to Los Angeles this morning and have rented a car. Siobhan drove us here but the roads aren't as confusing as we thought. Tomorrow I think we're going on a tour of Beverly Hills to pick my future house and husband.

Now we're going to get drunk whilst looking at the Pacific Ocean. Jealous?

I have only bought 2 presents for Ava so far...

Promise I won't leave it so long till the next entry Mum. Also, Happy American Mother's Day (they are saying it everywhere today, even the pilot on the plane saluted the 'mom's!)

Big kisses,


permalink written by  emma109 on May 10, 2009 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: America
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Finally Here

San Francisco, United States

Hi Everyone,

Finally here in San Francisco! It isn't warm at all but not raining which is good.

The flight didn't seem as long as I had expected but none of us really slept at all. We flew over Greenland... it really is melting as much as everyone says! We also made friends with an air steward called Dave who gave us leftover cakes from First Class which were yummy.

Our hotel is nice but it seems to be round the corner from the biggest group of tramps I have ever seen. They all push their stuff around in trolleys and drink out of paper bags like in the films, but they seem totally harmless and more interested in shouting at each other than bothering us. We're also literally 5 minutes walk from Tiffany and Louis Vuitton but I have not allowed myself to go in there yet

Last night we went to a restaurant that had a live Jazz band which was really nice. We had some wine and I think the combination of that, the music and no sleep meant that we were all in bed by half 9! Hopefully tonight we'll be more awake and able to drink lots of cocktails.

Today we're going to China Town and a place called Nob Hill... I love the name of that place but apparently it also has really good views of the city.

That is it I suppose. Photos will be put on as soon as I actually take some decent ones.


P.s - sorry if this is the gayest thing you have ever read.

permalink written by  emma109 on May 6, 2009 from San Francisco, United States
from the travel blog: America
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