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Sea World!

San Diego, United States

San Diego is lovely... much, much, much nicer to look at than Venice Beach.

The drive down here was really fun but we could only stop in [[United-States/Laguna-Beach]] for 20 minutes because we had to get the car to San Diego by 2... we didn't actually manage this and had to pay late fees which wasn't fun.

Hostel is really nice. The first night we got here there was a pub crawl so of course we joined in. There was only us 3 girls and about 30 boys/men so it was... interesting. Dutch people are insane, that's all I have to say about it. The day after it (yesterday/Thursday) we were so hungover so we just ate ice-cream and watched television all day. Very lazy but it was nice to relax for a while.

Today we went to Sea World!!!! It was amazing. We watched the dolphin and killer whale shows... really, really fun but so cheesy and American and over the top. We also other things like the polar bears, penguins, sharks etc etc but nothing could compare to Shamu. We got absolutely soaked on the rapids and log flume rides but it's quite hot here so we dried off quick.

Tomorrow we're leaving for Las Vegas. It's 8 hours on the bus which I'm dreading. Hopefully I'll sleep unless some crazy American gets on and starts talking (They are even louder than me, if you could imagine such a thing).

okay byeeee.

P.S - I hate writing these things. I sound like a complete goon.

And I can't work out how to put photos on. Sorry.

permalink written by  emma109 on May 15, 2009 from San Diego, United States
from the travel blog: America
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