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Miami, United States

I love Miami and never, ever want to leave it!

The weather here is insane... so humid, but overcast and then suddenly the biggest thunderstorm ever starts! I don't know how they cope with the rain. The first day we got here it rained more than I have ever seen and the streets completely flooded, like a foot of water everywhere you turned! It cleared away after a few hours but it was wild to see.

We have been out only one night so far. We went to a bar for a 'quiet drink' but the drinks are so strong here it didn't really end up that way... I decided to speak French all night and Nicola jumped in a fountain! I can't say anymore... a lot of fun though.

We went to a baseball match on Saturday Night, the Florida Marlins. We thought it would be just like rounders but it's apparently not and so we didn't have a clue what was going on. Then, as usual, a thunderstorm started and we could totally drenched. It was fun to see all the Americaness of it all though... hotdogs, pretzels and beer everywhere you turn.

We've just got back from the Everglades. That was also a lot of fun. We went on the airboat and got soaked but we saw lots of alligators. I even held one! Nasty.

Washington DC is the next stop to have some tea with Barack.

permalink written by  emma109 on June 8, 2009 from Miami, United States
from the travel blog: America
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