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Beijing Baby

Harbin, China

Beijing Baby!!!
We got another summer camp lined up, a nice one I think. We will start our summer gigs in Beijing now. We'll be teaching chinese English teachers. I like teaching teachers! They want to be there, they speak English. I teach one class of English teachers now and I really like it.
Beijing is good because there is lots of yummy Western food and the English book store!
The bad thing is that I was looking forward to being done teaching on July 4 and having a week to get everything together before we live on the road for a month and half. Now I'm teaching in Harbin on Sat. riding the train on Sunday to Beijing and teaching on Monday. No break at all!
The LOA made the journey back over the ocean and is now in our hands. There was much sweat and tears involved in tracking the package down and having the post office shut 10 minutes early so that we couldn't resend to Beijing. But no piece of paper in the dossier came without sweat and tears, so why would this one be any different. So tomorrow, I hope the post office opens 10 minutes early and we get that baby up to Beijing!

permalink written by  carseat tourist on June 22, 2009 from Harbin, China
from the travel blog: Life in Harbin as an American English Teacher
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