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Woodbury, United States

So I am supposed to be on the plane to Buenos Aires right now...obviously I'm not. We got an email around 3pm yesterday saying that the University we are supposed to go to is shutting down until August due to the Swine flu. We got a call around 7 saying they canceled our flights and won't know anymore until Monday afternoon,other than the earliest they can get us there is the beginning of August... So here I am..all packed and mentally prepared to be gone, and yet I am still here. ha.
So as of now, I refuse to unpack, and I feel like this next month is going to go by soooooooo slow. I literally have nothing to do for a month.
Everyone in our group has so many questions..we don't know if our trip is just going to be cut short a month..which means we get 5 less credits than we are supposed to, not to mention a month less of the experience..or if they'll tack it onto the end..meaning we'll be missing thanksgiving.. or if we'll even get reimbursed for anything..
the big question right now is if we will even be able to go at all. It's just the beginning of their winter so the flu is expected to get much worse in the next couple of weeks. Also, it's looking like if we go we won't be able to get there until a few days after the semester actually starts. oh boy..but until Monday..I was told to "sit tight".
everything happens for a reason...

permalink written by  Taryn Hawkins on July 3, 2009 from Woodbury, United States
from the travel blog: Granada
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