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Newark, United States

So although this is not really about me, it is mostly my voice so you will all have to suffer through my "prose".

As Nuttter's journey takes off in about 20 minutes, there is really no news. However, I am alone in the house and a little stunned that she is actually on her way so yes, this will be a little long winded as I get used to the idea of Nuttter galavanting around S.E. Asia for ages.

I shall endeavor to place Nuttter's direct quotes - when they come in - in italics (is that alright Joe? - just a slight paranoia from a man who thought "punctuation" was a scientific term describing the Sex Pistols and who never really got "grammar". Hell, there is a reason I cannot play Mad Libs. Ugh, me, surrounded by professional journalists...Oh, and Joe. OH SNAP! - yeah, I went there!) The Italics is a nice way you can skip to the interesting "real thing".

Nuttter will shortly be on a plane for hours and hours and I will be in a state of frantic worry and despair (is that overboard?) I will be slightly concerned (that's not enough is it?) I will be on tender-hooks! (perfect - a butchery metaphor) till I hear from our dear Singapore based friends on midnight, Friday night (their time) (around Lunchtime Friday).

So yeah, more about me. I have been buried in an utter whirlwind of one's and zero's at work which completely sucks. For a few minutes a day I actually weigh up what is happening to my love life and realize that the very reason d'etre for my existence, the woman who changed my world, switched on my hear... (oh, vomiting, sorry)... is leaving for deepest, darkest S.E. Asia for 7 weeks. Strolling around without a care in the world. Viewing ancient monuments almost completely swallowed by nature's awesome wrath, seeing a world far away from the Tri-State Area's self important TRIPE. (wait, that might be a bit harsh, I do love the place).

So, the last few days have been pretty tough for Nuttter. Responses to " I am going to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for 7 weeks" - something Nuttter has learnt to play close to her heart (one wonders why until one reads 1 thru 5) - have ranged from...

1. "WHY? But holy crap, WHY?"
2. " Good God woman.. Alone?" (Images of diseased Asian children on roadsides begging for food. Lifeless, charred bodies in ditches filled with water &c., &c.)
3. "What? Where? (flashing images of land mines, snakes, Agent Orange, spiders &c., &c.)
4. "Woah, wow, that's... ...interesting, why?" (flashing images of Asian policemen with m-16's, prisons, drugs, sex trades &c., &c.)
5. "HE is letting you go there?" (images of Groovespook, sheepish, then angry, close up of mad bloodshot eyes &c., &c.)


6. "THAT'S AWESOME!" (Images of young, spritely AUS, NZ, UK and SA backpackers, laughing and drinking &c., &c.)
7. "I am SOOOOOOO Jealous" (Images of Angkor Watt, majestic mountains jutting from impenetrable rain forests &c., &c.)
8. " I have always wanted to go there you are so lucky!" Images of cute rainforest creatures, smiling Asian children, Delicious FOOD &c., &c.)

The ratio of these responses, sadly, has been 80-90% 1-5, and only 10-20% 6-8.

Further research and canvasing by an independent body (I was under the influence of alcohol) has determined that the 80-90% "nay-sayers", have been mostly the American contingent. Closer and more constant in our lives, this has presented a bit of a telling tale. Namely. AMERICANS NEED TO GET OUT MORE!!! And yes, OUT OF AMERICA. I said it. I mean it. GO GO GO GO GO, the world is amazingly fantastic and only slightly scary.

Nuff said. Well, probably too much said really. But this is my intro rant for those that are not prepared for the style (if style it be deemed) of Groovespook.

Today I intend to start removing all furniture from upstairs, setting up the living room as my new apartment and then bashing holes in the upstairs ceilings. YIPPEE!!!!


permalink written by  Groovespook on July 9, 2009 from Newark, United States
from the travel blog: Nuttter's S.E. Asian Escapade
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Tap the keg! Party at the Gordon's house!!!

permalink written by  Stu Weissman on July 9, 2009

If I thought it possible to salvage your so-called "grammar," rest assured, I would have sent you to Grammar Camp a long, long time ago. Then again, after a few single malts, who can tell, really...

permalink written by  St. Joe on July 10, 2009


I appriciate the skills of your blog writing and the time sharing with us.
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

permalink written by  Karachi Hotel on September 24, 2009

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