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PBRs and Mini-corn dogs

Dhahab, Egypt

Tonight, I'm drinking Johnia Waaker Black Label. No typos there, it's genuine egyptian whiskey. Aged almost six weeks. Tastes much like the local hootch in Thailand.

I'm doing my rescue diver course at the moment. Underwater Combat would be a better title for this thing. For two days now, I've been trying to subdue panicked divers at the surface and below, while my mask is being pulled from my face, my regulator is being ripped from my mouth, and I'm being kicked and beaten about the head and neck by the thrashing scuba tank of my 250 pound instructor. Even when we're doing basic things like taking our gear off and on at the bottom, this guy will come up and turn your air off to see what you do. Too much fun!

One more day of this and I should be certified. After a bit of celebrating, I think I'll hop the ferry into Jordan. This place is great, but there's only so much relaxing a fella can do before it's time to move on.

permalink written by  Jason Kester on June 11, 2003 from Dhahab, Egypt
from the travel blog: Middle East, 2003
tagged Diving and Drinking

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That was 5 years ago,and am happy to let you know that Penguin Divers still the same and even bitter,
Still have the same crew,beach side and lots of under water funnnn.

permalink written by  Tarik A.Fatah on October 18, 2008

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