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International Border Dispute

Copacabana, Bolivia

Fun fact: Thanks to some silly embargo dating from the Bush administration, Bolivia now charges Americans $135 to visit their country.

Fun fact #2: That´s not written in the Lonely Planet.

So here´s how you do it if you´re ever in the neighborhood. First, you argue with the border guard for a while. Then you go back to the Peruvian side and complain how the Bolivians are a bunch of idiots who want to extort 135 USD from me, and screw that, please stamp me back into your fine country.

Then you tiptoe your way back over to the Bolivian side, slip the guy a crisp new $20 bill and casually make your way to the nearest collectivo taxi headed into Copacabana.

Coming back, you casually peruse the fruit stands while your non-US compatriots make their way through immigrations, all the while being scrutinized ever more carefully by an angry looking guy in a uniform. Then you --HEY LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BIRD!!!-- and you cheeze it across the border at full tilt and hope nobody starts shooting at you.

I didn´t like Bolivia all that much. It made me nervous.

permalink written by  Jason Kester on October 21, 2009 from Copacabana, Bolivia
from the travel blog: South!
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Bolivia makes you nervous? Wow. You'll love Columbia.

permalink written by  Jay Wright on November 8, 2009

Well it is good to know you do have some sort of antropological gag reflex for self preservation.
Sketchy isn't "authentic" it's natures way of alerting you to danger.

permalink written by  Zander on November 10, 2009

Love it! Great advice!

permalink written by  chrischarly on September 6, 2011

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