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Chill'n, Relaxing, Chill'n

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

We arrived in Puerto Viejo (Caribbean side of Costa Rica) on Monday afternoon and have just been chill’n since. Ryan and I are staying at a really cool colorful, open-air hostel called Rocking J’s. And we are camping.
Yea finally using our tent, mattress pads (we bought in Honduras) and our silk sheets. The hostel has like 50 tents, 80 hammocks, 30 dorm beds and a few private rooms all different prices, but if you have your own tent it is cheapest.

The hostel looks like a giant tree House made of wood, corrugated aluminum, steel and tiles, tiles and more tiles. It is right on the beach so we can hear the waves crashing on shore when we fall asleep (when the drunk people aren’t up so late making noise) but it is not a very good swimming spot cause the reef is really close to shore. Puerto Viejo, the town, is pretty cool too with a hippie surfer, Caribbean style to it.

So like I said the last few days we have been just chill’n…..taken a couple swims on the beach near town, laid in hammocks reading, played on the internet, walking laps around town, watched movies on a projection screen outside on the internet café and rented beach cruiser bikes.

Craig, Ryan and I went for a bike ride yesterday to Punta Uva, a beach 6 km south of Puerto Viejo. Riding a bike on the rocky, pothole-filled dirt roads is just about as fun as driving Chiquimula, the van, down them. Anyways we got to Punta Uva pretty quickly and decided to ride our bikes on the beach to the end of the cove. This was NOT as easy as expected- trying to stay on the water packed sand while dodging the waves as they came on shore. I almost fell over like twice. This sandy beach ended at a junglely rock point and Ryan of course wanted to go climbing through the jungle. So we locked up our bikes and had our first “unknown exotic trek” through the jungle. Oooooooo. I am not going to lie I was a little scared but there ended up being a path that took us to the edge of the rock point over the sea; it was no big deal. After our “jungle trek” we took a dip in the sea then headed back to town. Now the funny part, at least I thought so. Half way back Craig hit a pothole and the chain on his bike started skipping. It sounded like it was off the track but it wasn’t. SO Ryan had to tow him all the way back using his bike lock chain. They were swerving potholes, rocks, cars, kids, dogs, etc. We finally made it back and that was our Big Adventure in Puerto Viejo.

OH YEAH…I ALMOST FORGOT….Ryan and I are adopting one of the Rocking J’s stray kittens. There are 3 here skinny and cute; we really warmed to one of them. We named her, “Flip Flop” and have been feeding and playing with her for the last week. We asked the hostel staff about the kittens and they said, “The owner is planning on getting rid of them (finding good homes) soon so they don’t continue to breed and hang around the hostel.” Perfect!! So tomorrow when we leave Puerto Viejo Flip Flop is coming with us. :)

permalink written by  ryan & debbrial on November 12, 2009 from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
from the travel blog: Us Discovering the Latin Americas
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